Both the KAL and the CAL were put up on the blog as promised and both were linked to Ravelry.  I actually completed those tasks Tuesday night — quite a bit of typing involved.  Then I went up to shower and bed.  I always get antsy after putting up the page…you know, what if?  Well, not to worry.  Even though I am only announcing the crochet page now, those crocheters are industrious people and they found it without me.  Every time I checked my stats yesterday on WordPress the numbers were just soaring…so THANK YOU!!!

Eye of the Heart -- center motif for the Take A Journey Afghan


EyeOfTheHeart:One Just click on those word directly to the left of this sentence and the pdf will open for you.  The pdf’s will also be posted on the crochet-a-long page at the top of the blog for easy and quick reference.  These are free patterns for this year.  If you are and LYS please refer your customers to this site as the site views keep the blog alive and easily found by search engines.  Thank you in advance for you consideration.

Dear Elisabeth (aka Crazie4crochet):  THANK YOU for the sweet comment! I loved hearing from you.  Please send a photo so we can share in your vision of this afghan…who knows what you may inspire?  My email is  and thanks again!  M.E.

TNNA is coming soon and the stack of work is beckoning so off I go.  Hoping to write a longer and more informative post tomorrow.  With loads of love, laughter and light always,

Mary Ellen aka theHumanLoom

Every so often we take a family day and go to the movies to see a double feature.  Today was one of those days.  The movies were so good I didn’t even knit in the dark although I do have to confess to some intermittent napping.  We saw Sherlock Holmes…which I LOVED.  Robert Downey Jr. could stand on stage and hum with that devilish glint in his eyes and that would be enough for me.  We followed that with Mission Impossible, which not only was a great action flick but also hilarious.  Two great movies and my brain finally feels defragged.

Tomorrow is In-Law day.  I have my clothes set out…we have to get up at 6:30 so we can be at the Tick Tock diner in NJ by 9 a.m.  I have a bag full of knitting and my ipod is charged with meditation music in case things get ugly.  Lets all hope for the best…whatever that is.

The Arsenic and Old Lace KAL is coming to an end.  I have a new afghan KAL in the works.  This one can be done with odds and ends, or all one color.  You will need about 1500-2000 yards of yarn depending on the size you would like this to be.  SURPRISE:  There is also going to be a crochet KAL and I have the first pattern worked out for you…it is getting all kinds of kudos in the studio, so I am looking forward to sharing.  The Crochet KAL will be small accessory items exploring reversible stitches each month.  I really do hope you join in one or both of the frays!  Last year was great fun and I am so grateful for all the new friends the KAL brought into my life and awareness.

Please travel safely and bask in the Joy of the Season.  All my love to ALL of you,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn

DEAR People who love to knit with Flounce:

I post this due to a customer phone call today.  Last year’s colors of Flounce no longer exist.  You may get lucky and find a random cache.  Mine from last year is all sold out.  I do have every new color of both Flounce  and Flounce Metallic.  Flounce is $12 a ball and Flounce Metallic is $14 a ball.  I am always happy to ship.  You can check out the new colors on Knitting Fever or

Also arriving today were five bags of Ella Rae Lace Merino (OMG awesome with tons of yardage…maintains nice drape even when crocheted) and six new colors of Noro Silk Garden.

Ready with giftcards and gotchis to meet your holiday knitting and crochet needs!

loads of love, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn

Just finished test driving a pattern for Frog Tree Yarns.  Just sent off the corrections and the garment is soaking before I block it.  Yay!!!  On to the next project…going to take a break and crochet on a potholder.  Maybe today’s message is give yourself a break today or tomorrow too.  Take care and Stay Light!  loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio

Just an FYI thanks to Kate:  if you go to the DROPS website, there are beautiful free patterns to be downloaded…many which are in the regular books (that are still for sale) but for some reason the individual patterns are free.  Go check this out and let me know what you think.

Reminder:  THIS FRIDAY FROM 3-9PM Wine and Yarn at Summit Yarn Studio with Eve Ellsworth and Schaefer Yarns.  There are also some new yarn companies to preview and special orders will be taken that day.  Come, have fun and get Woolly!

Have to go work on 22″ of stockinette (22″ out of 72″ but after the 22″ there is a decrease every right side row)…send me good vibes, as I do to you!!!

loads of love, light and laughter always,  Mary Ellen and Zoo

Along with the full line of Juniper Moon Farms yarns, this Fall I am also bringing in Isager2 Yarn.  It is a 50% Alpaca 50% Wool blend with a soft pleasing hand and once knit, great drape.  This yarn is meant to fill the gap between the beautiful Laceweight Juniper Moon Yarn (I made my Live Oak Shawl from this yarn) and the next weight up in the same brand, a worsted yarn. (Go to Knitting Fever on the internet to see all the beautiful colors and the three yarns for this season!)  I am a big fan of Scandinavian Knit Designers, especially Hanne Falkenberg and Marianne Isager.  It is obviously not a stretch to conclude that I am also a fan of the yarns they love.

That said, the book I am bringing in with the Isager2 yarn is called:  The Fine Line.  It is the Artwork of a knitter and designer, Grace Anna Farrow.  Ms. Farrow hails from Philadelphia (after Santa Monica, CA…my next favorite place in the U.S.) and has put together a TOP NOTCH collection of enjoyable and knitworthy shawls.  When you see this book, take time to sit and read her inspiration.  DO NOT READ IT LIKE A PLAYBOY/GIRL MAGAZINE…i.e. don’t look at the pictures first…go read the articles which explain her inspiration.  THEN go look at the schematics (again not the photos of the shawls themselves) for each shawl.  She has elevated the concept of the rectangular stole beyond the expected to the sublime while keeping the knitting process approachable and the garments must have additions to your wardrobe.  LAST, GO LOOK AT THE PICTURES of each garment BUT: as you look at the garments think “What COLORS would make this MINE?”.

EVERYTHING you knit or create in any way, IS YOUR ARTWORK.  Just as your life is created by you and is your artwork, so is your knitting, your home, your food, and anything else your hands grace.  I love the music of J.S. Bach — the simple melody woven deeply into intricate textures until it disappears and remerges later even more glorious.  I also love music as simple as Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Some people love the Impressionists, while others prefer Modern Art; I like both.  Knitting works the same way for me.  Sometimes I like to knit something so complex there is no room in my mind for any other thoughts than the pattern itself.  Sometimes I want something that only my hands need to think, not my head.  These shawls fall inbetween…depending on what you decide to create with the base pattern.

Right now I am working on the shawl called: SMOLDER.  I have changed the colors completely to suit my own aesthetic and I am using the colors of Isager2 which will be coming into the studio.  The next shawl in this series I would like to play with is called:  HORIZON.  I called HARRISVILLE YARNS and ordered their classic shetland weight wool for this project in colors mostly blue, ranging from midnight to palest blue, but also two pale earth tones and a deep Cypress Green.  Instead of set striping, as in the book, I am going to move from Earth colors into deepest Sky across the face of this stole.  Is the knitting hard?  NO, it is stockinette with an I-cord edge (or whatever edge I decide on later).  Why?  Because, it is my artwork.  LUISA, from Harrisville Yarn, was a HUGE help and very patient.  We had lots of fun choosing the colors for this next creation.  She totally gets “WANT” and “NEED” and how those terms have meaning for knitters and their yarn.

It is my hope this post leaves you inspired.  Allow yourself to play with color.  You don’t need to swatch.  Just stack balls of yarn together. Or, wrap yarn in different widths around a piece of cardboard.  Explore how colors impact on each other and how they force you to look in certain places (how colors make your eyes “move”).  I also love working with crayons or oil pastels when I am dreaming up color pallettes.  My moods and my colors change all the time — in good ways.  How do your color choices change?  Maybe keep a monthly diary this year…once a month put together the colors that speak to you most and then put it away in a box.  At the end of the year you may be surprised and even more inspired by the results.

with loads of love, color wishes and light,

Mary Ellen aka TheHumanLoom

The Studio will be closed from this Saturday, September 3rd until Sunday September 11th.  We will reopen with our normal Fall/Winter/Spring aka School Year Hours on Monday, September 12th (see you then Chris!!!).  The studio hours, as a reminder will be SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, with classes and private lessons (by appointment) on six of those days.  I reserve Sunday for a full day of being a mental moron…you’ll thank me.

Mondays 10:15 – Noon, 1 – 5 pm

Tuesdays 10:15 – Noon, 1 – 5 pm

Wednesdays 10:15 – Noon, 1 – 2:45 pm

Thursdays 10:15 – Noon, 1- 5 pm

Fridays 10:15 – Noon, 1 – 5 pm, class 7 -9 pm (I will be pouring Baileys or Wine Coolers)

Saturdays 10:15 – 2pm

Sundays 1- 4 pm

There are lots of markdown items through out the studio but especially in the front room.  Tahki Stacy Charles Cotton Classic is now $2.50 a skein to support face and dishcloth knitting for beautiful holiday gifts.  The remainder of the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton is $2.75 a ball.  All Debbie Bliss is still 50% half off and Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool and Silky Tweed is $4 a skein.

New to the studio today: a huge shipment from Brown Sheep including some new sock yarn and a new laceweight yarn that is the bee’s knees!  Also a full box of new Opal Yarn arrived with colors you will not be able to resist no matter the size of your stash.  Yarn also arrived for studio samples which I will be knitting while the studio is closed but feel free to stop in and preview their beautiful softness and the books of patterns.  My sale cashmere arrived and the other order from customers should arrive tomorrow or Friday at the latest.  Now I have to decide what I am going to knit it up into…it is just YUMMY!

Chris finished her MayFlowers socks and they are beautiful!


The September Summit Sock Club Kits are completed and ready.  There is only one kit not yet spoken for this time…they seem to be going faster and faster each month!  Here is a photo of the top-down sock which is a fun, quick and easy knit (given the intensity of this time of year…getting ready for school and all, I thought this would be welcome).  The heel is short row in technique but in GARTER STITCH, so no wraps to unwrap, you just leave them be!  I actually wrote this pattern two years ago for a different group of knitters, so this has been test knit and approved by ten other knitters!  Here is a photo:

Yes, those darling boxes are this month's kit!


Here is a photo of the Marianne Isager Shawl I will be making my version of while I am away.  The yarn is a sport weight 50% merino/50% alpaca in an array of soul-gripping colors, only a few of which are in this photo:

The shawl is knit in two large triangles and two half triangles and then joined. Will let you know how this goes as I knit it while I am away.


and your daily dose of cuteness:

Sputters: Really? It's morning...arrgh...I am SOOO not ready for today!


with loads of love, light and laughter always, Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn

We made some new friends over the last few weeks, especially this week as we all prepared to hunker down for the hurricane.  I am still surrounded by knitting and most of the pets, at least those pets my son hasn’t snarfed into his room with him.  I spent most of the day on a wrap called: Serenity by Frog Tree Yarns in their delicious Alpaca Sport Melange.  I also played Words With Friends so much so that my phone spent most of the day on the charger…good thing we didn’t lose electricity.   Tomorrow we, my son, my husband and myself are making our annual pilgrimage to the US Open.  I am trying to decide what to bring along to knit on and I think a pair of socks is going to win the battle.  I am hoping to finish the Serenity Wrap in the car.

You may still be wondering at the title of today’s blog.  I love words.  I collect them…in my head…sometimes because of what they mean, or how they sound…or for no specific reason at all…kind of like a collection of arrowheads.  Judy, one of our new knitting friends, wanted to make bed socks like the ones her mom had made “back when”.  She described them and I was stuck.  I knew there was a word.  I pulled out my mitten books and found it…THRUMMED.  A piece of knit fabric with pieces of fleece or roving knit directly in…hidden or decoratively.  There are several free patterns for this on Ravelry as well as around the internet with both verbal and video descriptions of how to do this.  Judy has a specific idea in mind and when we hammer it out, I will make it available here on the blog and in my Ravelry online store.

Following are photos of projects and pets for your amusement:

This past Thursday at Football practice.


Mimi says: Sign in here please.


Reversible: The Plan B Baby Blanket from Summit Yarn.


another photo of Plan B: The Baby Blanket, makes you wonder what Plan A was...


sputters not yet awake




my Stephen West Mystery KAL so far...


with light, love and laughter, Mary Ellen and Zoo

In no particular order:

Fauxberry and Durga (my son's cat)


Ad in the new Debbie Bliss available at summit Yarn...look for my ad there (also in the current Vogue in the Brown Sheep Ad)!


could this be a Martian Knitter?


This cowl is made with Kollage's Riveting (made from recycled blue jeans)...I am about 1/3 of the way through this sample. Each skein has 350 yards per 100 gram skein and retails for $14.


Pinkerton O'Reilly, one of Lisa's adorable cats


No more computer for you Mom!


Smidgen and Sputters....this never happens!


Chris is nearly done with the June Full Foliage Sock! Woot!


Suzy is knitting Mercato dei Fiori and Ellie is SO BORED!


Joan, our intarsia expert and Artist, models her newest piece, a black Ruana with floral motifs! Amazing and Beautiful!


That is all for today but I have some news…very exciting and a real honor…come back tomorrow for the whole story!

with love, laughter and light always,  Mary Ellen Langieri

This is a long entry full of all kinds of knits for all kinds of tastes.  Most of what I put up here I notice either because I, personally would love to knit this or I hear from the Summit Yarn Knitters that they are looking for something specific.  Sometimes, the choice is just beautiful or the price is right.  OR, it is something by a favorite designer and I want you know it is available.  Feedback is especially welcome on this column because I know it can be exhausting going through all the pages each week of new patterns on Ravelry.  My one question for this week:  FRANKLIN HABIT IT IS PAST MID-AUGUST AND STILL NO TRIANGLE SHAWL…YOU KNOW THE ONE…DESIGNED IN HOMOR OF YOUR MOTHER…WE ARE WAITING IMPATIENTLY…PLEASE, WHERE IS IT?…FRANKLIN, MORE PLEASE?

a pretty little scarf with lots of tweakage possibilities


nice use of seafoam stitch!


Now that I have overcome my intarsia fear, I can envision the remote possibility of knitting this.


this seemed like a Donna knit to me...or for anyone who likes neat scarf patterns!


nice sweater with Fall looming near!


I love knitting mittens like this...they are knitter's crack!


nice easy knit...great gift idea


great idea to move the increase spine stitch around in a zig zag...loved it! Who says it has to stay in the middle?


this would be AWESOME IN ZAUBERBALL!!!


great idea!


great slouch hat...loved the colorwork!


another great slouch hat with a textural twist!


There are always new moms coming through looking for Soaker patterns...this looked like a good one!


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this sock pattern...can't believe it's free...get it quick!


love the texture and THE PRICE IS RIGHT...I will definitely be knitting this as a gift!


a sweet easy knit


this is designed by Clara I really need to say anything more?


This incorporates gave me some ideas...Bwahaha!


Here is the update on my Stephen West Earth & Sky Mystery KAL:  I am loving this, the fabric, the movement of the colors and this, too, has given me some future design ideas.  Thank you Mr. West…great Knit!

Earth and Sky Shawl in the Sonoma Collection from Sundara Sock yarn


Take care.  I have more catch up posts to write but needed to clear these photos first.  If you hear anything about Franklin’s new shawl please let me know.  I have yarn waiting.  Sigh…

loads of love, light and laughter always,

Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn




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