When we decorated our tree this year, we lovingly put up a choice selection of the ornaments we have collected over the past twenty years.  Some are even older because I have always collected ornaments.  One is an egg with a kitten inside and a velvet ribbon around the outside, made for me by the friend who taught me to spin yarn.  Others are from vacations I took growing up, with my family.  Others are memorable photos made into ornaments.  All of them are significant in the memories they embody.  We carefully spread the ornaments evenly around the tree and cover the tree with candy canes and red ribbons.  I used to wait till Christmas Eve to put the candy canes on because my son truly believed only Santa Claus could dispense candy canes.  Here is a pic of the freshly decorated tree:

Aside from the askew star, it looked pretty good.  Brand new faux tree, all the branches in their exact position.  All the lights work.  It was perfect in every way.  Last night, breathing a sigh of relief that all the hubbub (is that two b’s?) is over, and maybe we can return to a normal living pace, my glance came to rest on the aforementioned tree.  Hmmm…why don’t you see for yourself?

Not only has Sputnik, the kitten, tremendously enjoyed the tree, but he has also enlightened his twin brother as to advantages of a high foothold.  Tonight the tree comes down.  period. theend.

The studio celebrated the end of the old year and the advent of the New Year this past New Year’s Eve afternoon with a sweet get together.  About 15-20 people showed up at various times, and what with being a good hostess, and making sure everyone enjoyed their mimosa’s, I managed to get just a little toasted.  There were snacks, cookies, laughter and a sense of happy familiarity as we gathered and traded stories.  We all had some knitted item to share.  I look forward to doing the same event next year and hope that you will all note the appointed afternoon on your calendars.

Robin is hard at work on her tricolor linen stitch scarf for her husband and it is beautiful…in a very manly way.  I like very much the colors she chose: black, sage green and a teal/green.  The colors work very well together:

The wrong side is just as nice as the right side and she plans on picking sts on the long edges and giving it a garter stitch border to prevent rolling.  She is doing it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk and it is perfect for this blistering cold weather we are having right now.  The pattern is in two previous blogs and I hope to turn it into a pdf file at some point this week to make things easier for you to enjoy this unique pattern.

Lisa Tizzoni and I have begun the Lillia Hyrna Shawl.  After this post I will write the page for this knit-a-long…in the meantime PLEASE NOTE:  work all stitches after the center stitch in MIRROR IMAGE to the stitches that came before the center stitch.  This way your stitch count will be correct throughout the shawl, especially when you get to the lace charts.  More on this when I get the page up and running!!!

Stay warm and keep going on your projects.  The shawl is a nice project for right now because it is keeping my lap very warm while I work on it in the evenings.  If you need help, feel free to email me:  summityarnstudio@aol.com .  Take care and may you be blessed in this New Year with yarn, friends, and plenty of time to enjoy both!

xox m.e.