sunset on 01/10/10

My friend, Kathy, took this picture last night as I was busily photographing the same sunset in the parking lot of Walmart.  The colors of this sunset were wild and tessellated, criss-crossing across the sky up to and beyond the horizon.  I wonder how many of us saw the same beauty at the same moments in time last night?

We were at Walmart because I have been “spring-cleaning” at Summit Yarn.  I finally got rid of the rack we used to hang all the notions on.  I found the doors of the cabinet in the corner worked perfectly for the notions.  The needles are all in a six-drawer see-into unit and organized six ways from Sunday.  Tomorrow, Tim is coming to fix our lighting and that will see us organized and more spacious-feeling than ever before.  I have a few cobwebs to knock down, but WOW! it looks good in here.

Last Friday night began this year’s STITCH AND  BYATCH club…every Friday night from 7-9 pm.  Feel free to join us whenever and as often as you can.  We had three brand new knitters and two crocheters, among the twelve ladies seated around the table.  There are lots of projects on needles as you can imagine.  I finished my Lillia Hyrna Shawl for this month’s knit-a-long.  There were nearly 700 sts on the last three rows, so just completing those rows took the better part of one evening.  The result is well worth the effort though:

the shawl folded in half

close-up view of lace edge

With that many stitches at the bottom edge I decided to play along with the crochet bind-off to see if I liked it…and I really did.  This is a lace edging I will use in the future on other projects…perhaps even as a lacy fold-over cuff on socks.

Suzy came with her newest version of Whipped today.  She is knitting it in bulky weight yarn (Tilli Thomas silk) on size 10US needles and it is magnificent.  We measured the final version of the original whipped and here are the details:  it is 14  inches across the bottom edge (unblocked) and about 9 inches from the points of the beginning edge to the final row before the edging knit across the top of the scarf (so probably 10.5 inches wide overall unblocked).  Unblocked it is also about 42 inches across the top edge.  This gives you lots of lee-way to block it into the size and shape that pleases you most.  For those of you who are interested:  no measurements were included in the original pattern because it was so in demand at the studio I hadn’t yet finished the final prototype of the scarf.  Checking the stats of this pattern today revealed this pattern has been downloaded about 1500 times globally.  This just knocks my socks off!  The pictures being posted on ravlery are beautiful and I also really enjoy seeing the variety of yarns people choose for this project.  Back to Suzy:  she knit enough lace points for a beginning edge 14 inches long and is knitting until the scarf will be 9 inches wide from those points at the beginning.  I do not know the final needed yardage but will get back to you when I do!  Here is today’s photo:

Suzy's bulky weight Whipped in red silk

Robin completed her amazing turquoise socks for her nephew and brought them in to show me today.  The yarn is Claudia Handpaints, which we carry here at the studio in a wide array of colors…enough to suit virtually any palette.  Robin used the “twisted sole” stitch I developed in a previous blog for the heel flap and extended the length of the socks with a matching blue yarn…with willy-nilly stripes.

I met Kathy for lunch today…so cold it was a nice day for miso soup.  She received a Vogue stitch-a-day calendar for Christmas, and is making squares as she tries out the stitches she likes.  Here is the square she is working on today:

And, finally, for those of you who need a laugh, here is a news photo of one of our nation’s Veterans listening to speeches by our nation’s leaders speaking on Veterans affairs and needs:

check out this guy's hearing aid!

Most of all, stay warm, stay safe, and keep creating from your hearts.  Life is good.  xox m.e.