Suzy finished her Whipped out of bulky weight silk and it is wonderful, drapey and luxurious in all the right ways.  Even her husband tried it on and remarked how great it felt to wear.  She used 240 yards of bulky weight yarn on size US 10 needles and it took next to no time at all to knit…nice when you are in a hurry to get a gift done.  Here is a photograph of the finished scarf:

bulky knit whipped scarf

As you can see from the 8.5X11 inch notebook and the table compared to the scarf, the scarf is quite sizeable and at this point was unblocked.  Now, Suzy is starting to have fun with this pattern and has decided to do the next scarf in this pattern using garter stitch instead of the brioche stitch in the body of the pattern.  It can basically be done with any stitch for the body as long as your multiple of stitches works with the stitch pattern you choose: like an odd # between the markers for seed stitch, or a multiple of four stitches for quilted stitch; it is really up to you and your creativity where you take this pattern and what you make it do for you.  Really, this is the case with all patterns, one of my favorite soapbox topics.  Here is a close-up view so you can see the detail of the lace edging:

Please continue to enjoy this pattern, let me know what new ideas you come up with, and above all send pictures because I love to see the results of all your effort.  Take care and knit on with confidence and bravery!xox m.e.