Tracy came by today WITHOUT the puppies…I have no idea how she got out of the house without Lilybelle and Tucker;  I am sure whe will be paying the piper later.  Anyway, she completed a layette (sweater, bootees, and hat).  She used Colinette Cadenza, a superwash wool hand-dyed in Wales and lovingly adorned all the pieces with little hand-knit flowers.

notice the adorable bootees!

Sally Preate has finally gotten back to work on her summer sweater out of hand-dyed cotton.  The pattern is by Louisa Harding and is not shaped…so is an easy project when your attention is divided between a number of things.  Here is the photo from the pattern book:

Sally’s sweater is an apple green with yellow highlights.  She is done with the back and working on the front.  There was not a good way to sho you the shaping, but here is close up view so you can see how pretty the yarn works up:

I went home last night to make a new pair of fingerless mitts out of the noro yarn to replace to last store model pair.  Thought I was being so smart:  I knit them flat and cast them on from the same ball simultaneously, using both ends of the same ball of yarn…that way I could get the most out of that ball of yarn before I had to bind off.  God love Mr. Noro but the two mitts look as different as can be:

They look okay together on display for right now.  I already came in to the studio and have another ball that is close to the ball this pair came from.  This way for $20 I will have one pair for the studio and one pair I can leave in my car and have when I forget to wear them as I leave the house in the morning.  (two balls — two pair that MATCH ).  Anyway, stay healthy, keep knitting and crocheting and keep a lookout for this mitt pattern to appear as a free download.  It will have three hand sizes and can be knit in the round or flat as you choose.  xox m.e.