God Bless us all with tolerance and equipoise on this Martin Luther King Day.  We have been hard at work whipping the studio into its best shape for the upcoming Yarn Tasting Event on Sunday, January 31 from 1-4 pm.  Please be sure to mark this on your calendar.  I made all the party favors this weekend, the cookies are ordered and there is room for everyone!  The first order of yarn and roving arrived from Abstract Fibers and we are loving this company.  The sock yarn surely feels like the same base fiber as what is used for Blue Moon Fiber Arts and no splitting at all.  It is here in four glorious colors, each one better than the next:  Sweet Pea, Marigold, Smithrock (red), and Twilight (deep dark purples).

The roving is superwash blueface leicester and it is one of the softest fibers I have ever felt.  Here is a photo of the three colors:

Last Friday night was a great group.  Debbie is finishing the victorian afghan that Dona Bauman is just about done edging.  Debbie did her afghan in three colors instead of one color, which is how I originally designed the blanket…I wanted some of the elements to mimic quiltwork and piecing as I mixed vintage lace stitches with knit/purl stitch patterns.  The afghan is knit with squares in four rows; these pieces are connected to three different insertions and the entire piece is finished with a narrow scalloped leaf edge.  Although every person who has completed this project has done it differently, each one has been elegant and a work of art.

Dona B's in Taupe mercerized Egyptian Cotton (Clip)


close-up view of Debbie's in pink, creme and green

Debbie is planning to do the edging in the green she used between the squares and for the insertions for the leaf edging.  I can hardly wait to see the finished project!  Lourdes is working on a pair of Loksins socks in Araucania multicolor hand-dyed yarn and the stich pattern shows beautifully in this particular colorway.

close-up of Loksins

Lourdes has really small feet...I am jealous...!

Last week JoAnn Squier brought me a beautiful stitch pattern from Donna Hill, a knitter from the Tunkhannock knitting group.  I used this stitch to design a sock and my goal is to finish the socks by group this Thursday just to give JoAnn “the business”.  One sock is done and I am halfway through the second sock.  The stitch pattern is also reversible and a nice stretchy rib pattern…making it a perfect choice for socks.  If the sock is done with a garter stitch short-row heel then it will be reversible and can be worn to match your whim!  More on this later…

Martha came by with a beautiful lace yarn she purchased at Rhinebeck…3000 yards for $20!!!  She is doing a true lace stitch and brought swatches which I neglected to photograph for you…I was busy feeding her dog, Jaddu, cookies…we were having a love fest.  Martha called us both a name…h@!  Can you imagine?  LOL X-D !!!

Jaddu (and part of Martha in the background) 😀

 New Sirdar patterns are on the way, new yarn from Brown Sheep yarns, and don’t forget the Yarn Tasting…really, it’s going to be quite a party.  Take care and keep up on your fiber arts.  Feel free to email me anytime at summityarnstudio@aol.com and knit on without fear or anxiety!xox m.e.