Last night at 10:15 pm my son came down from his room hyperventilating and in tears…my ten year old 5ft 4in 140lb son.  He had a note from his teacher which he had avoided giving me all afternoon.  He punished himself about it more than I ever could have.  The gist of it is he received zero credit for a homework assignment he completed (with both his parents help) because for some reason it was not completed to his teacher’s specs.  Of course, we told him he needed to pay attention better and thanked him for his honesty.  BUT FOR REAL:  he did do the assignment and to give no credit…I still don’t get this and it makes me want to primal scream.  Anyway, I write this because as I listen to people around me, what I hear is…everybody is having a tough time of it lately.  One woman I know is getting a divorce.  Another, her Uncle passed away and she found out during her private lesson with me yesterday.  Another, her husband’s restaurant just went out of business.  It is times like these that I reach for my knitting needles the most, also a shot of tequila, dark chocolate, running on the treadmill, and immersing myself in books.  If you are feeling this stress then — remember — it is okay to find your “thotful spot” and hibernate there however it best suits you.

Had lots of finished projects roll through the studio yesterday and they seemed to appear in pairs!  Lisa and Robin are both working on socks in the new Abstract Fibers sock yarn…both colors are amazing and beautiful.  One sock is in stockinette stitch and the other is a heart cable stitch…a pattern I gave out as Christmas presents this year.

Socks in Abstract Fibers Yarn

Robin and Cheryl were both wearing scarves made out of Colinette Cadenza…one in Lapis and one in teal blues.  Tobin did her scarf in seed stitch and Cheryl did hers in a slip stitch rib.  Both were fabulous.

Scarves in Colinette Cadenza

And I was able to complete my pair of socks in Donna Hill’s Dew Drop stitch.  They are stretchy and fit perfectly.  I can’t wait to wear them!

Dew Drop Pattern...I think it looks like little hearts

If the winter doldrums are getting to you…find your happy space as best you can.  If life is good…then keep on with whatever you are doing.  Above all, take care and knit on!xox m.e.