this week's laundry

Putting laundry away this week I noticed a distinct predominance of pink socks in my drawer…sheesh, I have got to start trying some new colors.  Seems like there are four main colors in my sock drawer:  red, pink, blue and green.  I have no idea why…that is just what has evolved in my sock knitting travels.  This year I am going to binge on purple.  I have several skeins lined up of all different brands, and then who knows?  Maybe turquoise.

Today was unseasonably warm…so much so I was able to give some of my plants some fresh air and rain.  It poured today; the snow is all melted, the creek behind the studio was rushing, and the sound of the rain on the roof was sublime.  It was 57 degrees out and like a fine Spring day.  Tomorrow promises a return to the cold weather…but today was a nice vacation from the winter blahs.  Here is the photo of the creek behind the studio:

my creek

I am almost done with the center portion of the wool blanky I have been working on.  The natural colors of the wool progress from one to the next beautifully and the wool is so soft from all the lanolin in it, that sometimes I stop knitting just to revel in the softness of this knit.  Here is today’s photo of the project:

Pam Valvano came by for class this morning.  She has completed her cable socks and they look fabulous.  I can’t wait for her to try another new stitch on her basic sock pattern.  Next she is going to do a pair of socks in worsted weight wool.  I love these socks in the winter; they are heavier and warmer and this is the only time of year I get to wear them. 

Pam's cable socks: 56 sts on 2.75mm needles

Here is one final image for today…I found it while cleaning up around the studio today:

Yarn is always the best way to fix life's itches!

So, take care and knit on!  Life is good…but life is better with good yarn.  xox m.e.