If you watched NCIS this week then you already know the theme of today’s blog.  Two agents are protecting someone on an airplane, in first class, of course.  Back in the cheap seats, a young lady sits knitting with Susan Bates acrylic needles, US 8.  ( I know this because I often sell this particular needle to first time knitters because it is inexpensive and it’s a pretty color. )  Surprise!  The TSA agent is murdered in the bathroom with a knitting needle.  Said knitter is innocently now reading in her seat, completely unconcerned.  The nasty blonde flight attendant is the murderer, not the knitter…duh.

Honestly, do you know a knitter, who if she loses a needle will not move heaven and Earth to find the knitting needle?  Especially in the simple confines of an airlplane.  Really, how far could the needle have gone?  But, no, next time we travel we have to hope the TSA agents we meet have not seen this episode of NCIS.

Writers: please choose different murder weapons in the future!

Have been busy whipping the studio into shape for our Yarn Tasting Event this Sunday.  JoAnn was kind enough to loan me a spare table for our get-together.  Andrea Marquis, the yarn rep has all kinds of goodies and exotic yarns to tell us all about as well as some cash and carry items, which include shawl pins among other things.  I checked with Mary Beth and the cookies are promised for delivery this Sunday.  We are set to have a great time.  Remember, the event is from 1:00 to 4:00pm this Sunday.  Feel free to join the party at any time or for the whole time, and bring a pair of needles to test some of the yarns.  For those who attend, place an order and make a deposit, I will discount the order by 10%.  Really, I am looking forward to seeing everybody Sunday.  The weather is supposed to be good and the company of fellow fiber artists will be a distinct pleasure.  I get the feeling you might be surprised just how very many fiber artists we have in our local area…it will be great fun to get to know each other!

Let me encourage you to check out the Ravelympics on Ravelry.  Donna Arnold and I are gearing up for our respective events and are very excited.  Donna is going to knit a pair of socks and I am going to work on and hope to publish to new designs in that time, one a sock pattern and one sweater pattern.  We both have special yarn squirreled away.  This will take place during the events of this year’s Winter Olypics in Vancouver, Canada…from February 12 to the 28th.  Once these games are concluded, then the Fiber Olympics will begin at Summit Yarn!

Today, Suzy came in with yet another Whipped Scarf completed.  This one is made of silk and she creatively changed the body of the pattern from the brioche stitch to garter stitch.  The scarf is beautiful and large, actually a small shawl.  The weight of the yarn gives the shawl elegant drape.

Suzy's Garter Stitch Whipped

Suzy has now moved on to a new pattern, called the Landscape Shawl.  The pattern is written for multiple weights of yarn and has all the needed yardage for each weight of yarn.  This is a fun pattern with different stitch patterns that are easy to master and is also a great way to use up yarn orphans in your stash.

Donna Arnold is chasing away the winter blues by knitting a quick little ruffled scarf in bright pink ribbon by Colinette yarn.  It only takes about five rows and is knit lengthwise.  There are a lot of stitches to bind off at the end, but fomr the looks of the scarf Donna was wearing today (same pattern), it is well worth the effort.  Dona Bauman is knitting a Snowbound Aran cowl for her husband in Baby Bamboo and a pair of Wishbone Lace socks in the newest sock yarn to arrive at Summit Yarn, Abstract Fibers ( more of this to be seen Sunday).  Laura Alexander is working on a beautiful cabled cardigan.

Let me know what you are doing to fight off the winter blahs…send photos.  Take care, drive safely, and knit on with confidence! xox m.e., aka The Nayslayer (don’t ask!)