Just finished “The Help”, by Kathryn Stockett, this morning.  It was the best read I have had since I read “The Name of The Wind” a couple of years ago.  Even now, this is a brave story to share…let alone the imagined story of sharing something like this in the early 1960’s.  The characters were real, living, breathing people.  Reading this novel was a lot like falling in love.  Not very often am I torn as to whether I want to knit or read; this was definately one of those times.  Having completed the book today, I feel a little lost; like when someone you know moves away and you can’t see them again for awhile.  Nor is it possible to even want to read anything else, because my heart is so full of the beauty and the anguish at the heart of this story…all its terrible beautiful truths.

The story speaks to me on more than a few levels.  I spent part of my childhood living in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi…the part where I learned to speak.  My vowels have several syllables and when I am angry, the “southern” (as my son calls it) emerges.  My husband and I are also raising our incredible son, whose birthmother is white and birthfather must have been black, to have an identity,to have  a purpose in life and to be a spiritual Man who knows the difference between right and wrong.  I have taught him his whole life the only color inside him that matters, the only color in anyone that matters, is the color of our golden hearts.  I fear the day when he sees how not everyone thinks that way and I hope he can maintain his own personal Truth in the face of ignorance and adversity.  This book certainly addresses these issues head on…better than anything I can try to say to him.

Since reading is currently a moot point, I am back to knitting and getting ready for the Ravelympics.  There are so far, three of us Summit Yarners competing:  Maggie Boga, Donna Arnold and myself.  If there are others of you locally, let me know so we can support each other through our efforts.  Next year I hope to sponsor a team right here at Summit Yarn Studio…with prizes, get-togethers and fun.

Today, I have been testing out the pattern for the Landscape Shawl and am enjoying it.  Am working with Cascade 220 Handpaints in green and the colors show beautifully in this texture knit shawl.  It goes fast and the pattern is easy to hold in my head…really, garter stitch, seed stitch, stockinette stitch and picots…no kidding.  Am also working on heavy weight socks for this bitter chilly winter on size US3 dpns and it is a quick knit with just 48 sts.  I like how fast these go…on my feet!  And of course, all the other projects are sitting in the bag staring at me…”why aren’t you working on me?”  So much to knit…so little time.

beginning of The Landscape Shawl

Take care and keep with your fiber arts!  Knit on and keep warm!xox m.e.