Roving Samples from Abstract Fibers

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN!!!   As you may have read in the previous blog,  we had a “Yarn-tasting” Open House this past Sunday from 1 – 4 pm.  There were refreshments, yarn and roving samples, wool wash samples, shawl pins for sale and party favors for all the guests.  About 40 people were in attendance and the joint was jumpin’ !  Andrea Marquis, yarn sales superhero, arrived around noon with her bags and bags of incredible fibers from all over the United States and we set up the studio for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  I am still astonished and humbled by how very many people joined us in this get-together for fiber lovers.  One woman, Peggy, drove from 45 minutes west of Tunkhannock just to be in on the fun and I am so glad she came!  In fact, the entire Thursday Night knitting group that meets at the Tunkhannock Public Library was there.  There were also some visitors from the So. Abington Public Library Knitting Group…thank you to whoever got the word out to them!  Thank you to JoAnn Squier…oh where do I begin?  For inviting the local Spinning guild, for loaning me a spare table, for helping me spank the studio into shape so there was enough room for everyone to fit,…for just being an incredible friend!  Thank you to every single person for helping me make this event a success. XOX

Andrea setting up the display

Andrea focused on three or four of the many companies she represents.  There were shawl pins from Plover Designs, which come in silver, copper and aluminum in a choice of three beautiful styles.  Everything she brought in this line sold out and some shawl pins are on order.  Next to the shawl pins was the company called Abstract Fibers.  Some of us have already had the pleasure of working with their sock yarn and roving.  Andrea had the whole line and all the color range on display for us to revel in, as you can see in the photos below:

Abstract Fibers and Shawl Pins

new lace-weight yarn with 1000 yards

There were several sock yarns available, some so new they are not readily available yet.  My personal favorite is Supersock, a superwash 100% merino yarn; there is also a merino tencel blend (the tencel makes the colors softer and more subtle), and a newer yarn called Matisse.  We were able to look at all the color cards and when the sock yarn comes in there will be a few balls available to those of you who could not make the event to play with.  The roving from this company was huge hit and the list of orders was enormous…I am so glad to have found something our spinners liked!

Abstract Fibers sock yarn

Marigold, AF sock yarn

AF's sock yarn

one last colorway of Abstract Fibers yarn

Abstract Fibers is a hand-dye company from Oregon and their colorways are spectacular in both their yarns and their roving.  When Andrea comes back in March, if you missed this the first time, just let me know and I will be sure to have Andrea show you the color catalogue of this company.

Mountain Meadows Yarns from Wyoming

Quite a few of us ordered from this company.  They are brand new and their yarn is softer than clouds in a summer sky.  They have an alpaca merino laceweight blend in a natural color.  There is single ply merino in sport weight, as well as two-ply merino in sport and worsted weight.  There is also a two-ply bulky weight version of their yarns.  I photographed their color choices because it looked like artwork to me.

warm tones in Mountain Meadows


blues and purples and reds, oh my!

Andrea had mini-skeins of this yarn in natural for people to swatch with and take home, as well as snowy white roving to play with…so soft…She left a little for me to play with and share, so if you would like to come and cop a feel (OF THE YARN), please do!

Two other companies debuted here as well yesterday, SHOKAY  and Himalaya Yarns.  Shokay is made from Yak down…and how an animal with such a name has such wonderful fiber is beyond me…but there it is.  There were at least four people who ordered in skeins of this yarn.  Suzy ordered hand-dyed silk from Himalaya (a smaller company named Duke…there was an awful lot of intel to absorb yesterday…please bear with) in a color somewhere between blue jeans and a cloud-c0vered ocean…not quite blue…not quite sea green…just beautiful.  There were also project bags for sale in great variety and all kinds of shapes and colors.

Our next event with Andrea is already scheduled, so PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS.  We will be getting together on Sunday, March 7th from 1-4 pm.  Andrea is hoping to share some different yarns and companies with us; among them:  Durango Buttons, Fiber-Isle fine Bison yarns (some of this is on order so you will have this available for purchase that day), Mountain Meadow Wool and of course, Abstract Fibers color cards and roving.

We had lots of visitors today and there is always more to share, but my brain is mush.  Take care, keep knitting/crocheting and spinning…above all remember, there are brownie points in heaven for true lovers of fiber!

xox m.e.