Today was a “bread/milk/yarn” day for the studio.  With snow predicted to start sometime this evening, people wanted to have a project and feel snugly tucked in at home…I’m actually hoping it snows big…winter without a good blizzard is like summer without the sun, for me.  This morning was crazy busy, with customers and students.  Rikki has mastered all the basic crochet stitches in just two lessons and I am so proud of her!  She has crocheted a vest and wanted to make flowers to decorate the vest.  Today, we had definative floral success!

Notice:  Rikki is smiling…what you don’t see is all the sweat!  This flower has slip stitch, chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet!  AND she did this flower in two colors of yarn.  KUDOS Rikki!!!

Rikki's first crochet flower! YAY!

Pam Valvano was in with her purple socks for quick repairs that weren’t so quick but needed.  She is almost done with the second sock.  Lots of other people came through…I was really ready to break for lunch at noon. 

At one o’clock, a new yarn rep named Eve Ellsworth arrived to show us the color of…HEAVEN!  I was mostly interested in seeing one of the companies she reps (Bijou Basin) and just getting to know Eve.  So, she opens up this bin with the selection of yarns from this company…I try SO HARD to be a good customer and wait until she gets to the ONE YARN I want to see most…BUT I CAN’T HELP MYSELF…MUST TOUCH THE YARN…KNOW I AM A TOTAL PAIN IN HER BUTT…can’t listen about the other yarns because all I can think is how much I want to play with the Yak-Cormo blend of yarn…IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Do you get the picture?  Meanwhile, I am also stalling Eve so that she does not have to repeat herself, because Lisa Tizzoni is coming for a private and I KNOW she will react the same way I just did.  She did.  I called and texted everyone I have numbers for as fast as I could.  We had a turnout that surprised Eve and had a great time in the process.  God Bless Eve for being so indulgent!

The long and short of it is, there is GOOD STUFF ON THE WAY…like when is that not the case?  There is sock yarn made from Yak down, laceweight Yak, the Yak-cormo blend in cream and brown, and roving in both colors as well.  There is yet another new sock yarn coming in colors chosen by Lisa and JoAnn, as well as a merino-silk lace weight that just begs to be touched.  There is hand-dyed roving coming in for spinners.  There are also some very cute sheep on their way:

And so much more!  I have a stack of companies and their literature to review.  Eve has been kind enough to agree to visit us in the near future for a planned yarn-tasting with TONS OF CASH AND CARRY!  So, stay tuned and get to work knitting and crocheting your stash…there is so much cool stuff to tap into and we have only just begun!

Robin came in sporting a new hat…had to show her the cute sheep!  The hat is made from Mondial Kross — a bulky superwash merino wool that is SO SOFT!

Robin's newest hat!

After I finish this blog, I am hoping to finish this russian lace sampler collar made out of Andrea’s bison lace-weight yarn.  It is a thank you to Andrea for putting on such a great show for our first yarn-tasting event.  I am amazed how very far this little tiny ball of lace-weight yarn has gone and will probably have a bit left over.  Here is a photo of this nearly done w.i.p. :

It is knit out of lace-weight yarn, but on US 7 needles and is actually quick to do.  The pattern is by Marilyn Merbach and you can google her name to see all her designs online.  She is a wonderful lace designer.  Anyway, this is me signing off for today.  Take care, stay warm, and hug your fiber…it loves you!xox m.e.

Durga, the wondercat!