Last night I finished hand-winding my first balls of yarn for the Ravelympics (the olympic event for fiber lovers watching the olympics).  I am competing on Team Blue Moon, as are Donna A. and Maggie B.  WE ARE SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!  It is just torture waiting until the opening ceremonites to cast on our projects and GET2NTN!  Here is a photo of my two balls: (yes, I really just said that…I can because I am a knitter…)

Ruby Slippers and My Blue Heaven next to it

The red yarn is for a pair of socks for the designer biathlon…I have to knit, write the pattern, publish the pattern here on the blog and link it to Ravelry to complete this event.  The blue yarn is for a sweater of my design for a separate event, again a designer biathlon.  Stay tuned for updates.  Donna A. came by today and helped me take one last long hard look at the swatch for the sweater pattern and make some final tweaks.  Here is a photo of the swatch:

sweater swatch

The pattern will be written for multiple standard sizes, using Blue Moon Fiber Arts medium weight Socks That Rock Yarn in the My Blue Heaven colorway.  I can hardly wait to get started.  I mentioned that once or twice already this blog, didn’t I?

Anyway, lots of people stopped by today:  Rikki (to do crocheted flowers), Debbie Elwell (to re-learn cable and listen to me bellow at my son about his homework; sorry Debbie!), and Tracy (socks, gotta love those socks).  Then I ran like a crazy person to get Valentine’s shopping done for my guys…I don’t know how we got this far into the month already.  Can’t say whay I did , but I will mention that my favorite card store is THE UPS STORE.  I love the photos on their cards…always find something to make me laugh. 

This afternoon, besides Donna A., Martha and Jaddu came by for a knisit (you know…sit and knit and visit), my happy hat knitters came for more yarn and showed me their wonderful work in Mondial Kross and a bamboo merino blend from Skacel.  Here are photos:

Hat in Mondial Kross, superwash merino

merino bamboo by Skacel Yarns

I tried to contact Abstract Fibers to see how soon we can expect that order and was able only to leave a message.  The yarn from Mountain Meadows has shipped this week, as has the yarn from Bijou Basin.  Next week we should be seeing these orders arrive as well as the bison yarn for our next yarn-tasting on Sunday, March 7th.  Feel free to stop by anytime…I look forward to seeing you and sharing my “ravelympic” progress with you! Take care, enjoy the opening ceremonies tonight and knit on with fortitude!xox m.e.