Today is over and I can’t think what I did of any value whatsoever.  The studio was its usual busy “self” and all the needful chores got done…but, as I reflect back on the day I am at a loss as to where all those elapsed hours went.  Ever had a day like that?  Maybe it was post-snow-day syndrome; I don’t really know.  Anyway, here are the promised photos from yesterday…they make me smile.

the inimitable twins sleep in with their mom

I confess…I was lazy and slept in until noon.  My son had waffles to warm up, cereal, milk, all things breakfast at his disposal.  Above are Sputters (near) and Nikkers (up on my leg) in their favorite position…mom-as-matress-asana.  Besides knitting, I am an avid reader and welcome mornings like this to consume a good read.  I chipped away some more at James Rollins’ “Altar of Eden”, a fast-paced read that is hard to put down AND has a great ending (just finished it a few minutes ago).  The return of my former reading habits is one way I recognize my son’s advancement into…ugh…adolescence.  He’s too cool to talk to me anymore…so I may as well get back to reading…and I have stacks of “I have to read this!” waiting for me.  My bedroom is a veritable mine field of books.  They are stacked everywhere and climbing the walls even at this moment.

noon yesterday...close the door and stay inside! YAY!

After our yarn-tasting event, Andrea was kind enough to leave me with a few samples.  We have Mountain Meadows merino…both worsted weight yarn and roving…some small samples of said yarn in a green colorway…and two precious skeins of Bison (1 ply and 2 ply weights).  The 1 ply I have turned into a lace scarf for Andrea and blocked it yesterday.  Here is a photo of the skeins before I knit them up and I still have a walnut sized skein of the 1 ply bison.

See the tiny taupe skein...that is the 1 ply bison yarn

That little skein had between 100 – 150 yards in it and was enough to produce the following:

Collar Shawl - Russian Stitch Patterns by Marilyn Merbach (c) 2003

The pattern calls for 25g of lace weight cashmere but does not specify yardage…I took a chance and it paid off big.  The yarn is soft and has a slight haze around it now that it is washed and blocked.  Though the scarf is light as a feather it is warm around the neck because of the heat-trapping properties of this amazing natural fiber.  Now, I am working the red 2 ply into the same scarf and the hand on this yarn is just exceptional.  Look at the difference between the two…I am using the same knitting needles but the yarn is just a bit thicker and does this:

2 ply Kami Bison in Rouge

The pattern calls for this scarf to be knit on US 4 needles; but, I chose a US 7 hoping to get as much as I could out of the available yardage.  Here is the yarn label…the yarn should be arriving at the studio any day now and will be available at the next Yarn-Tasting Event on Sunday, March 7th, from 1:00 to 4:00pm.  You are of course invited.  If you would like to place orders over the internet please email me at and I will get back to you promptly.

label from the 1ply skein

Since the Ravelympics begins tomorrow, with the opening ceremonies, I did begin winding my yarn for my two events today.  One ball is wound and ready to go.  It is for the designer biathlon and will be used to produce a pair of socks and published pattern which will be called:  BLEEDING HEARTS.  Here is the colorway (by BMFA, called “Ruby Slippers”):

The other yarn is also BMFA (but mediumweight) in last year’s RSC color: “My Blue Heaven”  and I JUST LOVE THIS COLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is also a designer biathlon and I hope to produce a sweater and pattern called: “VEE ME UP, SCOTTY”.  I have probably over-reached but this is not a painful quagmire, really, just a personal test and a pleasant one at that.  Of course, my son’s Trumpet Concert was supposed to be last night and is now rescheduled for tomorrow night…you got it, during the opening ceremonies.  What to do?  Knit fast!  Stay tuned.

"My Blue Heaven" for sweater: "Vee Me Up, Scotty!"

I still have about an hour of quietude here at home.  The boys are out shopping for concert attire…found the dress pants but the dress shirt is MIA.  Here is my favorite photo from yesterday…why is it kids always look SO GOOD when they are asleep?  I know mine is asleep and not playing possum here because his cat is ON HIM.  If he’s still awake and just pretending to be asleep the cat is always anywhere else……..

one final thought…

guess who loves the curser?

Take care, stay warm, make your fiber into beauteous objects…it loves you!xox m.e.