Since the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic games all my family has really seen of me is the top of my head and my hands either fervently knitting or typing. Alas, even this blog has been a victim of my Olympic hopes and dreams. There was early glory with the rapid completion of the sock design: Olympic Heroes and Bleeding Hearts Socks; knit and published on Ravelry in quick succession. But, then the marathon event, America the Bluetiful Raglan Pullover became a 10 day push I feared I might be unable to complete. With the onus of that stress, I forged ahead. Today, I completed the second leg of my Designer Biathlon journey…to the relief of many, not the least of whom were my son and husband, who have been walking around me on eggshells the last two days. The sweater is complete, AND the pattern is published & up on Ravelry. People asked me as I worked on this event: “What do you get for this?”. The answer is simple: a pair of socks, a sweater to wear, and a sense of being a little Olympian insofar as completing more than I would ever have thought possible in a very short space of time. Having achieved these goals gives me hope that, indeed I may actually someday make it through my enormous pile of WIPs (works in progress). Meeting these goals gives me the best thing of all: a smile of satisfaction and a content Heart. I wish this feeling for all fiber artists everywhere.xox m.e.