This Sunday, March 7th at Summit Yarn Studio from 1-4 pm is our next little get-together.  Andrea Marquis will be joining us again, coming in from Pittsburgh.  Most of the orders are slated to arrive this week from our previous gathering.  I did speak to the ladies at Abstract Fibers, and this was a huge order.  I am hopeful it will arrive this week as well.  I also sent out an email reminder for this upcoming open house…let me know if you did or did not receive the email.  This way I can confirm your address!

At this Open House we will be featuring Durango Buttons, Schaeffer Yarns (with LOTS of cash n carry…I asked Andrea to pack as much of this yarn into her car as she could possibly fit…!), and more.  There will be refreshments and lots of local fiber artists to meet and get to know.  Please join us for the fun…if only to lighten this extremely long winter.  Where is Spring anyway?  It is here at Summit Yarn!


For those of you who attended the impromptu yarn-tasting with Eve a few weeks ago, I spoke with both Holiday Yarns and Frabjous Fibers today.  They both shipped their orders today!  For those of you who could not make it, I ordered extras so you will not feel left out.

This morning in class we went over how to make socks…using the free download for Newborn socks.  Eileen is hard at work tonight finishing her first sock and hopefully, getting a  start on the second one.  Jamie is almost done with her cable baby blanky and it is beautiful!  She just has the side edgings to complete…it is beautiful how well the Mission Falls 1824 cotton shows the stitch detail.  We also started a helmet liner pattern; Jamie found this pattern on Ravelry and we are giving it a test drive…more on this soon.  I finished the ribbing for the Flicka Hat today and am close to doing the color knitting…so soft and pretty.  However, as soon as this blog is written I go off to THE LAND OF LACE and work on the Josephine Shawl from Myrna Stahman’s book.  I take it one row at a time with ruler and highlighter in hand and I am loving every minute of it.  Of course, I have a zillion other wip’s but these are my focus for today…knitter with add…watch out!

Ravelympics Medal

Above is my medal for competing in the Ravelympics with a sock design (Olympic Heroes and Bleeding Hearts Socks), knitted and published on Ravelry.  Still haven’t made it to the podium for the sweater ( a raglan pullover called: “America the Bluetiful”)  but am hoping to see that soon!  Both patterns are available at my pattern store on Ravelry in pdf format.  The next pattern I am hoping to have ready for you is a helmet liner with shaping for the face and knit in 2×2 rib.  My husband got great use out of his this last snowstorm so I thought you guys might enjoy it…check back soon for this new free download!  Take care and knit on!xox m.e.