Most of you who have read this blog before know that technology and I are not the best of friends.  However, I have embraced my cellular phone and text messaging; especially, to wish a chosen few (really a chosen two) Happy Birthday.  My husband, Gary and my son’s godfather, Mark, both get special attention on their respective birthdays.  I text message them the happy birthday song…in four parts…each a separate message…every hour…on the hour…or at least as often as I can throughout the day until they beg for mercy or turn their phones off.  God bless them both, but I take the MOST evil delight in this once a year activity and can hardly wait until my son can join their ranks.  Life is short…it should also be fun…and we all should take the chance to get even when we can.

Anyway, now that I have admitted this guilty pleasure…here is another.  New yarn arrived today.  Once is a lace weight yarn, comprised of 50% merino wool and 50% silk in the colorway called: EMBERS.  And for all the world it does look like smoldering embers:

Embers Lace-weight yarn

The other yarn is hand-dyed sock yarn by Holiday Yarns in two colorways:  Bruised Ego and Goth Valentine.  This yarn is soft and with a good hand, composed of superwash merino and nylon for strength.  Here is a photo of the two colorways:

Bruised Ego and Goth Valentine

What Andrea doesn’t know is there is a lace scarf waiting here for her made out of a yarn she will be featuring this Sunday.  It is made out of a yarn called Kami Bison, imported from Canada.  It is everything good that yarn can be.  The scarf took just three days to knit and is a written(not charted) pattern.  Here is a photo:

Kami Bison lace scarf

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for our Open House from 1-4pm.  Take care, stay warm and get2ntn!xox m.e.