Enough snow has melted today that I can see the creek running behind the studio.  I love the sound of this flowing water…really just a freshet.  In the summer it roars with run-off from rain storms; today it was rushing from the melted snow.  The sun is shining brightly and very warm.  We can all feel the reach of Spring upon us.  My son is definately Mr. Itchy pants with Spring Fever…I hope he survives the fifth grade.

In class this morning we had a crochet purse near completion, a new sock knitter and an antique baby bonnet all in the works.  The baby bonnet is from an Interweave release still in the magazine section of local bookstores and is well worth the purchase price with patterns from out-of-print issues of their magazines.  The cover of this issue looks like this:

And here are photos of the bonnet from the side and center back (the center back of the bonnet would be a lovely beginning to a shawl/pillow/blanket/any-number-of-things:

Lilybelle and Tucker were visiting this moning with their mommy, Tracy, and Tucker managed to get in the middle of all of Tracy’s yarn.  The yarn for this bonnet is Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply…a personal favorite for its softness and durability.  Here is a photo of our darling Tucker:

Lillybelle and Tucker dressed for the Easter Bunny

Chris Spatt was also here visiting with us as she rolled her newly acquired and beautiful stash of Cheryl Schaeffer yarns.  We all had a great time and time passed by too fast.

This afternoon, Lisa and I spent hammering out the rows of a new sock pattern.  We worked through the instep rows today once and she will let me know Friday night if indeed we got it right.  We are also starting the baby cable shawl from Fiber-Isle International.  We are knitting in a rare breed of sheep called Manx Loghtan…pictures of these sheep show them with four horns coming from their heads in various places and angles.  The yarn is not overly soft, but it is fun to try something new and unusual.  More to follow…

Be sure to send in or post photos of your projects.  Better yet, come to the studio and show me in person!  Take care and be sure to drink in this wonderful sunshine!xox m.e.