Sally and Rose are racing neck and neck to finish sweaters they each began some time ago.  Both are very nearly done.  Both are having “sleeve” trauma.  Rose is bravely trying to knit both of her sleeves at once…a noble and just way to get this done…except one sleeve keeps getting two rows ahead of the other…but she is so close…so close.  Sally was even closer to the prize.  It was a curious thing though.  I sold her the correct amount of yarn to complete the sweater.  However, she kept coming back for more yarn.  I figured some pet was wreaking damage and kept my mouth shut.  When she asked me yesterday if she should get ANOTHER  ball of yarn, I said, no Sally…you have to have enough, really.  Then today…more “sleeve” trauma!  Sally showed me the sleeves she had completed for this pattern.  THEY WERE HUGE!…like kimono sleeves.  I grabbed the book to look more closely at the pictures.  Sally needs a good fit…she is not a “loose” woman by any means.  She showed me there were two pictures in this @#$&ing pattern book.  The first picture shows the sweater fitting the model just the way I would want a sweater to fit Sally.  Then there’s this other picture…and we knew the sweater had been “doctored” in the first picture.  UGH!  These sleeves were a third again too big.  So Sally had a false start out of the gate and back to the beginning of the sleeves she goes.  Do not pass “GO”, do not collect two hundred dollars.  We wound up with about seven balls of various sizes when all was said and the sleeves were gone.  Really, Sally now has lots of balz.  God Bless Sally.

The open house this past Sunday was so much more than I anticipated.  Thank you to all who attended and made it such a whopping success.  Summit Yarn thanks you all.  Andrea had such a great time visiting with you…she found out what I already know to be true:  You are all absolutely the BEST.  There were two very popular patterns available Sunday with purchase of Schaeffer Yarn, thanks again to Andrea.  One pattern was for something called the Shruggigan and another was for a garter stitch shoulderette/scarf.  I ordered some extra skeins of the appropriate yarns for those of you who missed the event and are interested in the LATEST projects.  There is even more good news:  though the prices of this yarn have risen somewhat in recent years there are a few balls in the studio which were purchased at lower base prices.  These are on the “new” table awaiting your consumption.  All special orders have been sent and all buttons that you requested have been ordered.  (Of course, I had to buy some other buttons…these were just the best I have seen!)

We had to close the studio a little early today.  My husband was the victim of identity theft and we needed to take care of some paperwork so our personal finances would remain OUR  finances.  My apologies to anyone who may have inconvenienced by our abrupt departure.  I will be there for regular hours tomorrow and of course, the rest of this week.  Those of you who are waiting for the Abstract Fibers order, again I thank you for your patience.  Andrea checked and reassured me that at most we have one more week to wait.  I will continue the NAGGING of the company…although really, they are very sweet people and this order was massive.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you soon at Summit Yarn.  The sun is shining and the birds are singing…ahh, Spring is so very near.  There are lots of wonderful new things to display for your next season of knitting…I will be spending some time shifting the inventory around.  Keep your eyes open for some surprises and the return of old yarn friends.  Above all, keep on with bravery and good cheer!xox m.e.