today at summit yarn studio

My husband’s job has him traveling all over NEPA everyday, and every day is different.  This morning was one of those rare days when we actually get to do more than nod at each other before we go off to bed for the night.  We met for breakfast and Gary also came to help me get the studio open this morning.  Right by the door on our arrival was a delivery…I didn’t see it first but I could tell when he saw it and then bent to reach for it before I could get to it…!  Yes, I own a yarn and design studio for six years and I still do a skippy dance every time new yarn arrives!


There was only a return address…no name from the sender…oh, but I knew what this package was!  I sure did!  Full of ravelympics glory and kudos, it was the award for the designer biathlon: She Who has gone where no woman has gone before (aka psychotic knitting break).  And yes, I did the skippy dance twice.  The package was wrapped and had exquisite presentation, the tissue paper all coordinating colors which, I came to find out,  perfectly coordinated with the enclosed yarn.  There was not any foreplay; I reached straight for what I so longed for in the heat of the moment.  I grasped it firmly and pulled it out, breathless.  Carefully, I unrobed it in all its moonish glory…one perfect skein of Blue Moon Socks That Rock in the color: LAPIS.  All around the yarn was more swag than I could ever have imagined!  AND two sock patterns as well!  WHEN IS THE NEXT OLYMPIC COMPETITION ANYWAY?  COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!

all from Carrie, aka irishgirlieknits on Ravelry!

The prize, the packaging, the swag, all of it were from Carrie, a designer, knitter, volunteer Ravelry editor and blogger (Wedonothaveaknittingdisorder at Blogspot)…and much beloved by all people who also love Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I was floored and amazed and giggling with glee!  It was like Christmas!  The yarn is becoming a Whipped scarf that can be worn with the Bobicus pin from this year’s Olympics…to memorialize all the fun and knuckle-crunching knitting during this past Winter Olympics.  Here is a photo of the work in progress already:

Lapis and Azure Malachite

 Here is a great place to go visit, recommended by both Donna Arnold and the YarnHarlot:  just google “phoebeallens”.  This is a live webcam of a beautiful hummingbird and her nest with two eggs.  I check it everyday…me and all the cats…oh, yeah, they love the live webcam.  Here is a photo:

Take care and get ready for Spring!…it is just around the corner!xox m.e.