Before I could leave the house this morning, I received news the only check I’d written in a month bounced.  Yikes!  But, I knew exactly why…my husband and our personal checking account were victims of identity theft.  And so it came to be, this morning I understood the feeling that inspires the sentiment:  may the offenders be cursed seventy times seven unto their seventieth generation.  Of course, it is all working out thanks to the bank and insurance.  Still, not so much fun.

Have been watching the hummingbird, Phoebe, and her nest.  She is restless and I’m wondering if the eggs will hatch today?  She’s been in and out of the nest, even putting more spider webs on it and poking things into it.  Can’t wait to see the babies!  I’ve been watching everyday and usually she is on that nest like a cork in a wine bottle.  I just checked and she’s out of the nest again.  Oh, this is like waiting for Christmas!  It amazes me she built the nest from spider webs!

Manx Loughtan (pronounced "locktun") Sheep -- a rare and ancient breed

Lisa came to class last night with books all about sheep; her son sent her the books from England.  They were awesome and all the different breeds of sheep are so amazing and different in appearance.  These sheep in the photo above are from the Isle of Man in the UK.  They have a chocolate brown fleece and the yarn has good tensile strength.  I found the yarn at a shop in England called: “Iriss of Penzance”.  The yarn also softens as it is worked into a garment…I am very nearly done with the first ball.

Lots of people stopped by, and that category is not just for humans.  Jaddu came by with her mommy, Martha, and gave us all lovies.  Here she is cuddled up to Donna (lucky duck!):

Martha is beginning a baby blanket using the stitch from one of the shawl patterns in The Knitters Book of Wool.  She will be creating this baby blanket out of Abstract Fiber’s sock yarn, Marigold.  We are thinking of perhaps edging the blanket in red…awesome and psychedelic dude!  More to follow…Cheryl Wetherell sent us a photo of the sweaters she made for her granddaughters out of our Cascade 220 Superwash…just beautiful:

Martha is at the top of her Flicka hat and we agree…this is not our favorite knitting….carrying three colors is a  bit fiddly for us as far as knitting is concerned.  Think I’ll stick with my two colors per row fairisle and be content.   It feels nice to have tried on the project for size, though.  Here is a photo of Martha’s hat:

Lisa, Jamie and I are working successfully away at our Josephine shawls.  Each is awesome, but Jamie’s, made out of Claudia Handpaints silk is just spectacular.  Debbie is finishing her vintage blanket…she worked on the edging  last night and has one side complete.  Lourdes was there but I have no remembrance of what she was working on…Barb was working on a baby sweater and Donna almost done with her Prima sweater.  All the crocheters checked in this week.  The aran crochet afghan is making progress and is beautiful…by another Barbara (she came in today).  Just lots of projects under way.  Eileen is crocheting a baby blanket AND making socks for the first time.  The little bit of sunlight seems to have compelled us all into a spurt of activity.

So, keep knitting and crocheting.  Am hoping to get some more patterns up on the internet this weekend.  Next week is little dude’s birthday!  I cannot believe how old he is and I have no idea where all these years have gone…Take care!xox m.e.