Today was a great day.  I was able to surprise my son on three separate occasions (four, if you count that I scared the bejeezus out of him when he came in the studio and didn’t see where I was standing).  The studio was steady and lots of feel good vibes were in the air.  Rose is nearing completion of her sweater…she only has to attach the sleeves and knit the collar…Yay!  Pam Valvano has moved on to a new sock pattern…ALL BY HERSELF…and she did a great job!  Donna is nearly done with her sweater in Debbie Bliss Prima…really, an amazing yarn.  Lisa is making a seaman’s scarf out of her handspun yarn and it is resplendent…the green is like a beautiful hummingbird.  I have a new scarf design on needles, working out design kinks, and new Opal sock yarn just arrived in wonderful Spring colors.  Here is a photo of Rose’s work:  (kudos!)

and here is the back view:

One last photo, then back to my son’s birthday revelry:  (this is Apollo from Corky’s, Lisa took this photo and I love it!)

I think Apollo has the Wearing of the Green down Pat!  Take care and keep on creating from your heart!xox m.e.