Lots of news to report in for Summit Yarn Studio today.  Received an email from Skacel today…ADDI CLICKS are being made in LACE TIPS and in the 16″ circular length!!! Yay!  As soon as I received this email, I called the company and ordered sets of these wonderful needles…they are my absolute favorites and I can’t wait to grab a set for myself!  Several of us also spent this weekend trying out a new yarn from skacel called Ambiente.  This is a 100% extrafine merino wool superwash sock yarn with such a long stripe sequence that there was not a stripe repeat in the whole first sock I knit this weekend.  Donna Arnold had the same experience.  She used a 3mm dpn and cast on 60 sts, using a standard heel flap heel and standard toe decrease.  Here are photos of our socks:

Donna's sock at top, mine underneath

The colors are soft and spring-like.  A bag of two balls of each of the other colorways in on its way with the addi-click needles.  This yarn is ultra-soft and has a firm hand without splitting…very nice to work with and it knits up fast…a real pleasure.  Tracy brought in two completed projects today, a pair of socks in Sundara yarn and a vintage baby bonnet.

Tracy's socks

vintage baby bonnet

AND Eileen Burke also finished her very first pair of socks in Opal yarn…good German yarn…one of the best…and brought them in this weekend to show!!!  Everybody applaud Eileen…Great Job!

Eileen's first pair of socks in Opal Sock Yarn

Jessica Tweedy from down near Philadelphia also stopped by with some of her beautiful knitting…one is the “Purple Sweater (a pattern from Ravelry…a top down pull-over quick knit) and an incredible beaded scarf.  Here are the photos:

Jessica's "Purple Sweater" and beaded Scarf


The best news of all is the ABSTRACT FIBERS ORDER FROM OUR FIRST YARN TASTING SHIPPED TODAY!!!!!!!!  As soon as it arrives I will call you, post here, post on facebook and on twitter!!!!  For those of you in Tunkhannock, I will deliver it to the Thursday night knit to save you a trip out here.  I am so happy it is finally on its way!!!  Ahh…knitting nirvana at last.  Just received email: date of delivery is next Monday, March 29, usually after lunch.  !!!!

And so…it is just a short blog today…spent my whole lunch at the middle school meeting with the Vice Principle, Mr. Elia…what a great person.  I was fully prepared to go in and convince him that my son is the lesser of two evils…but I didn’t need to…we were actually on the same page…for real…i burst into tears again I was so grateful to feel heard as a parent.  Today is one of the first days this entire school year I felt like things might actually be okay…we all might survive the remaining 65 days of school.  If not, I have a special room reserved at the state hospital and a little plastic crochet hook they said would be allowed…however only three inches of yarn…hmm…

Take care and rest assured…Spring is in the air!xox m.e.

sunset the other night...