Life has been full of many dramas lately, for everyone.  My apologies for the silence…but I have a wealth of photos and news to make up for the down time.  The knitters and crocheters of Summit Yarn have been nothing if not busy.  First up is a creation by Sharon.  She came into the shop last winter with a sketch of an afghan she had designed.  Her initial intent was to do this color-block Mondrian-esque throw all in neutrals.  However, as she wandered around looking at all the differnt yarns and all the different colors, what I noticed most was she was picking up everything except neutrals.  So, I suggested she create a few color groupings before she decided for sure.  This is the result and I am so proud of her freedom with the design process and her ardent creativity.

Sharon didn’t just stop with the knitting.  She went on to create clay polymer buttons to precisely match this beautiful set.  Here are two close-ups of the buttons:

We are hoping Sharon will enter these creations in the local fairs this summer, especially because they are her own design work.  This way the inspiration of her work can be shared by even more fiber artists!

We recently had a trunk show from Knitting Fever of the newest Noro yarns for Spring and Summer, and the newest in Katia baby knits.  It was spectacular and we were all greatly inspired.  Sincerest THANKS and gratitude go out to Jay Opperman, of Knitting Fever, for making the trunk show possible!!!  Suzy is working on a cotton shell, pattern from the new Noro book ( a few still available at Summit Yarn).  Alicia is working on an easy to knit Scarf/Shawl, done all in garter stitch…shown below:

This laceweight cotton Noro yarn is only available this season.  The colorway is mostly pastel with the brights above being rare but nice pop colors the way Mr. Noro has placed them in the stripe sequence.  This pattern is available free with purchase of this laceweight yarn!  I was inspired by the sock yarn…big surprise, huh?  The surprise is I began a crochet project using the Catherine Wheel stitch and, at first, was only going to do a baby blanket.  I am so wowed by the feel of this piece though, that I am going to make a bedspread for my room.  It is reminiscent of a quilt done by my great-grandmother in little tiny hexagons that form flowers.

Martha has been busy with the Abstract Fiber’s sock yarn, creating a baby blanket out of the Marigold colorway.  She is using as a base pattern the stitch pattern from one of the shawls in the Knitter’s Book of Yarn.  In the book the lace zig zags up the shawl.  Martha chose to keep just the zig and the effect is beautiful…proof positive once again that just because something is written one way does not mean that is how you have to do it!  Here, see for yourself:

There’s more…will have to save some for tomorrow!  Take care and keep up the faith!xox m.e.