Already, the first Christmas stockings of 2010 have been completed.  Patti Mac, one of our intrepid knitters, called today to update me about the felted stockings she has spent the summer months creating.  She used Ella Rae classic wool, with 220 yards per 100 gram ball…identical to Cascade 220 but at least a $1.00 less per ball at current suggested retail prices.  Patti said it only took 5 minutes for the stockings to felt and they looked just great!  Rose Potter also has a pair of completed stockings for a pair of twins currently in the NICU…please keep these little girls in your prayers, Joey and Angie!  My own family’s stockings hang in the studio year-round, hopefully as inspiration…except on Christmas Eve they go home for a few days!

Today, Lisa began the final mile on a baby blanket for her first grandson, Spencer, as she began the sawtooth edging.  The edging is done in garter stitch and is an eight row pattern repeat.  It looks awesome and I can hardly wait to see the completed project…which, as quick as this edging is to do should be any day now.  She and I are dreaming up a sweater to edge with this lace…it is addictive and fun!

We had visitors at the studio today all the way from Florida…and small world…they happened to be from the same town as Lisa’s cousin!  These ladies were quite accomplished knitters and into all kinds of projects. 

A note about the commentary of others, directed at your knitting.  Your knitting/crochet/creations are YOUR ARTWORK.  PERIOD.  THE END.  Realize that everyone is always going to have some comment but remain steadfast in knowing the beauty that your own hands have created.  Keep focused on YOUR INTENT, not detracted by someone else’s points of view.  Too often I have witnessed well-meaning “expert” knitters demolish another knitter with just a few words.  This is not what knitting, or any art for that matter, is about.  There are a myriad of ways to get something done…and if your way works for you then that is all that matters…not how your throw your yarn or if you knit “continental”…all that matters is your enjoyment of YOUR ART.  That said, it is time to get2ntn! and crochetin’! and spinnin’! 

Summit yarn carries all that you need for this year’s gift-giving needs, including crochet and roving for spinning.  Come visit soon!  New products are arriving daily and we are always finding something new to try!  (like two-ended crochet!)  We look forward to your next visit to Summit Yarn!  Take care and go get a glimpse of that big full moon out there!xox mary ellen