So the system is evolving for this chart for the Josephine shawl…stitchmarkers are a must at every pattern repeat of twenty stitches.  After I complete a row I circle it in pencil AND move the HIGHLIGHTER TAPE up to the next row.  Now the chart is easy to follow and my eyes do not skip a line…an easy mistake waiting to happen for any knitter, regardless of experience.  Now I am almost halfway through this shawl and things are moving much better.

The alpaca is moving out of the studio rapidly!  There is only one skein left, in a lovely denim blue tweed with pattern included.  I began the blush colored cable scarf last night at the Thursday night knitting group and it was a breeze.  The yarn is soft with a comforting hand, and the pattern is easy to follow.  I did alter the pattern a little…it was written with a four stitch garter edge which I changed to K2P2 to maintain the aesthetic of the k2p2 rib pattern.  With ribbing it is not necessary to creat a separate edge because the knit stitches of the rib naturally roll to form a finished edge that blends with the rest of the scarf.  Try this out…cast on a multiple of four stitches and do a couple inches of K2P2 rib…see how the beginning and end k2’s roll to form an i-cord-like edge?  Life is short…why make things more complex than they already are?

Above is the bee created by PattiMac at last Sunday’s gathering at Summit Yarn.  She was also at knitting last night at the Tunkhannock public library and working on a lovely scarf.  I will try to publish the pattern in a future post.  JoAnn was there with an afghan done in knit/purl hearts…absolutely beautiful.  Cecily is creating a new crocheted shawl, Lisa is almost done with her grandson’s baby blanket, I couldn’t see what Nancy was working on, Jean had another baby blanket in progress and Megan was doing a new pair of socks after discovering an unnerving deficit in her gift closet!  I think we all know that feeling.  I never seem to get ahead…only just barely keep up!

I am looking forward to seeing you at Summit Yarn!  We are here seven days a week to meet your needs.  Please come in and show me your inspirations!  Take care and enjoy the final days of summer!xox m.e.