We are hoping to have a new door any day now at Summit Yarn Studio…it just needs to be installed.  So I came in today because the guy said he might come today to do it but so far no go.  Tomorrow is also my son’s first day of private cyber school and we are all excited and a little nervous.  I have spent the last hour solving techno issues and getting aircards to function with their assigned computers…AND I have been relatively successful.

I also made a huge personal discovery this summer.  I worry; not just normal wear and tear worry.  I do my own worrying and because I feel my husband does not share his concerns enough, I do his share of worrying too.  I didn’t know this about myself until after the cyberschool orientation.  I felt so relieved that I fell asleep.  I knew I had been wound as tight as a tick…but the lightbulb of understanding flashed on.  I feel like such a fool.  I try so hard to “stay in control of that sort of thing”.  Obviously,  I didn’t have a clue.  So, while ignorance may be bliss for some, for me it is blood-pressure raising, reflux-inducing, nightmare-giving hell.  Because of this I have made a greater effort to turn to those personal practices that help me increase self-awareness…doodling, meditation, exercise…and as school approaches for all our children, I encourage you to make time to do the same! 

Knitting or crocheting is another way to turn the stress-o-meter off.  I have a nice k2p2 rib scarf with cable twists every 12 rows in a soft shade of pink and a simple leaf lace shawl in blue for destress work.  There is also a fun catherine wheel crochet project for when I cant even focus on knitting.  New things are arriving every day…so stop in and find something relaxing this week to nourish you own creative spirit!  Take care and BREATHE.xox m.e.