Here is the first of regular shipments of Opal Sock Yarn.  This is the Rainforest collection and  there are eight colors. Each color has a matching pair of socks here, so you can see and feel what each colorway is like all made up!  Now all the guesswork has been eliminated for you!  This is so exciting!  My favorite color is the orange at the far end of the photo…but all the colors are gorgeous!  Come see for yourself while this shipment lasts.

Also nifty today, is the nesting set of three felted bowls Alicia made to add to her gift closet…I can see them tied together with a coordinating ribbon and filled with things like buttons, potpouri, or special soaps.  I have the pattern for these here at the studio and plan to whip up a set as soon as I finish the cowl I designed this weekend.  Here is a photo of the bowls made up…Alicia said she was able to complete all three in an evening.

One last word:  the cowl is based on the lace shawl several of us are working on…Josephine.  I did the edging till it was 24 inches long, grafted its ends together and then picked up multiples of 20 sts.  I have knit in the round times two pattern repeats and will finish the top with the same edging; knitting the edging directly onto the cowl.  Here is a picture of this work-in-progress:

I am almost done with this and it looks ike it will be a one skein project.  I used Karabellas lace weigt cashmere and am longing for cold weather so I can wear this cuddled up against my neck.  I also wonder if this is something my friends might like as a holiday present?  Hmm…I wonder…Anyway, the day is fading so back to my knitting.  Do take care and remember: everyday is a good day for some new yarn to love!  Take care and xox, mary ellen 😉