It is time for the skippy-hippy-happy dance…Why? Because the new door was installed today.  Yes, folks, the door no longer sticks and it is white, so everything feels lighter and more open inside!  Outside it is SO much easier to spot this knitting studio!  I put a call into the landlord recently; because as one customer was leaving, unbeknownst to her another customer was trying to come into the studio.  As you all know, the door sticks and the inside customer was just about to really put her weight into opening the door…and I was sure the outside customer was going to get KONGED in the face.  Obviously, I was able to prevent the disaster and now these worries are finally over.

This morning class was fun with both Suzy and Alicia.  Suzy is finishing her red pullover vee-neck sweater out of Yak and it is beautiful.  The pattern is one she pulled off Ravelry as a free download…I will ask her later the name of it again.  Alicia designed a new scarf.  She combined Meditation (the lavender scented yarn from Skacel) with Alpaca Silk (by Debbie Bliss) to form a chunky weight yarn.  Using size 15 US needles she cast on three stitches and did k1p1k1.  Thereafter she did yo, and 1×1 rib as set to end of row until she increased to a total of 13 sts.  Once the scarf has reached desired length she will decrease at the end of each row until three sts remain, then a double decrease, fasten off yarn and create tassels for both ends of the scarf.  Presto!  Am hoping to have a picture to share with you next time she visits!

I am almost done with the cashmere cowl and it looks to be a one skein project as I am completing the edging this evening.  Hard to imagine wearing it with the weather as warm as it is…but soon the cool Fall winds will arrive and I will be ready.  Brian says: Hi!  Get up and get active for the remaining days of summer…go do five things you won’t get to do once the weather turns cold!

Class will be in session this Friday night…please give a call if you are planning on joining us so I have enough chairs set up.  We will be talking about cast on technique, so bring a spare pair of needles and some extra yarn to practice some new cast on techniques with…Looking forward to your next visit to Summit Yarn Studio!  Take care and get2ntn!xox mary ellen  😉