In the last ten days, my son has begun classes in a new private school, I have begun working seven days a week again, and the air-conditioning at home decided to quit during the last heat wave of this summer.  And yet…who can complain when there are 33 miners trapped 2000 feet below solid stone in Chile AND they are being an inspiration to us all of how to be better humans under the worst possible circumstances.  And yet…being human, I am still stressed by this new level of multitasking…just no poor me.  So, sucking it up in general, I have been putting out the “fires” in a semi-logical order and just doing my best.  Today…God chose to smile on me.  My son’s computer and books arrived.  Customers graced the store and were wonderful.  My son worked hard and all on his own.  I managed to get the bills paid, the rent paid, deal with yarn companies and…boon of all boons…was just lucky enough to run across Scotty, the man who fixed the AC at home.  Life is good and my bedroom is no longer 90 degrees in the dark.  Yessssssss!

Josephine Cowl...pinwheel lace one skein project

Also:  the Josephine Cowl is completed, soft and cushy, fits and I love it.  I’m hoping this weekend will lend itself to writing out and publishing the pattern so that you, too, can enjoy this quick little knit.  It takes just one skein (200 yards) of Karabella laceweight cashmere (or 200 yards of any laceweight yarn, really) and one pair of US4 or US5 16inch circular needles (and a few stitch markers if you want to make life easy for yourself).  It took me about six days to complete, in the middle of a grossly chaotic life.  This is for the adventurous lace knitter, but there are other options I will be working up next for those of you who would just like a light and quick knit.  So stay tuned because there is more to come.

a quick little knit