I love my son more than oxygen, really.  We are working hard at the life change of adjusting to home school and all that goes with attending cyberschool.  We are even developing new depths to our communication.  When I ask him questions, I know the answer now before he opens his mouth, because his eyes literally glaze over.  Yes, this is the dreaded “blank stare”.  God Bless Brian…because I am going to have to learn to not treat him as though he is deaf when he gets this look on his face…I just get louder and louder.  Talking louder helps the listener comprehend better…right?  Not so much…we keep sighing, and trying again and again.  Things are improving as we go…but, man, this is a groaner for both of us.

Recently, I designed a quick knit for Summit Yarn Studio.  This takes only a couple of hours to knit as it is done on large needles and with super-bulky yarn (2 skeins of Gedifra Byzanz).  Using US19 needles cast on 50sts ( I used circular needles and did this in the round; if you choose to do this on straight needles and seam it, then on the wrong side rows just knit the knits and purl the purls) and K3P2 around until there are four yards of yarn remaining (complete 15 rounds or rows).  Bind off in pattern.  Wear or Gift and enjoy!  Here is a photo:

Byzanz Cowl

This yarn has been reduced from $15 a ball to $9.99 a ball, making this an under $20 project and/or gift, while supplies last.  There are four or five colors remaining of this yarn and this is definitely the time to get started on that holiday list.  I spent days organizing my loose patterns this summer, so there are lots of free projects just waiting for customers of Summit Yarn!  Take care and come visit soon!xox m.e.