So, I am neck deep in Myrna Stahman’s book “Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves” and loving every minute.  There are so many patterns in here to play with, I could be very busy with just this one book for a very long time.  If you have this book and felt a little overwhelmed by it at first…well, I did too.  Now, though, that I have started one project and I “get” how she goes about doing things, I am feeling more adventurous.  As with any book on any topic, there are errata…which if you go to the publisher, should be listed with easy access on the internet.  For instance, the Josephine shawl should end after row 18 and then do the edging…not after row 36 as stated in the directions.  Also the chart for the Elizabeth lace is upside down compared to how Ms. Stahman did her scarf…so I just turned the chart upside down and it worked fine.  Here is a photo of the cowl in progress (also out of cashmere):

Elizabeth Lace Cowl

We had three visitors from Lake Ariel today and they were a delight.  Genie bought yarn to make socks…two balls of the latest Opal shipment…enough to make three pair of socks!  Anna purchased Crystal Palace Kid Merino to do an open crochet shawl in Autumn reds (this is a great yarn…for just $5 you get 240 yards of knitting on a US 6 needle…just think of the things you could do!)  And Jane commissioned Anna to knit her a Maggie’s linen shawl in a rectangle with an attached lace edge.  Here is a photo of a hat Anna knit with the yarn she purchased here during her last visit:

Strawberry Hat in Cotton!

Kathy has also been in for several visits this week…mostly to grope my balls she says…hmmm.  She is working on a cowl in Unisono, a cushy sock yarn with great loft and a soft hand.  The cowl is cast on as a multiple of 6 sts plus 5 more…then you just k3p3 in the round until you only have enough yarn remaining to bind off.  Nice for those nights when all that is left of the brain is mush or when you want to knit AND be able to visit without messing up your knitting.  Here is a photo:


And finally, Eve…our superyarn rep sent a photo of the Josephine Shawl completed with just four balls of yak yarn…and I do love this shawl so much…thank you Eve for sharing!

Completed Josephine Shawl photo from Eve Ellsworth

I have some new media here at the studio.  I downloaded the new emagazine from Interweave press called:  Sockupied.  It has all sorts of interesting video and instruction.  Let me know if you would like to check it out when you come in and I will show it to you on my computer.  I am hoping to share a little from it in class tonight…will have to see what everyone is up to first!  Take care and come in for a visit soon!  Always remember to bring your projects…no matter their origin…I love to see and be inspired by your artwork!xox m.e.