Lackawanna State Park

Happy end of Summer and beginning of Autumn!  One last rest before a new season begins…or are you busy organizing cook outs and getting just a day or two more of before-school errands run?  No matter who you are or what you do, this is a transition time between major parts of the year…no matter how you slice it; like dusk or dawn each day.  For those of us who work out at a gym, we recognize the need for periods of warm-up and cool-down around our main exercise efforts.  In Russia, it is a tradition to sit for a moment and reflect before leaving on a journey.  When chanting a sacred text, we take time afterwards to “drink in” the fruits of our effort.  So, too, I wish for you this weekend some moments to bask in reflections of this past summer, and moments to dream up plans for the next season.  Maybe these moments of reflection will enable you to ride the momentum of one season into the next.

Last night at Friday night knitting, we discussed plans for our charity knitting.  We have accumulated quite a stash of mittens and hats for elementary-aged school children with need.  It is only a start, but kudos to all of you who have contributed thus far.  If you need a pattern for mittens, please don’t hesitate to ask, as I am sure this will be a continuing need.  We also have a stash of newborn baby socks for the next Afghans for Afghans request, when that comes.  Hats are always welcome for Survivors Offering Support to women struggling with the effects of chemotherapy and breast cancer…again if you need a pattern, just let me know.  Also though, I encourage to get to work on you holiday knitting…these next three months just seem to skip by!  Make a list and if you need any help with pattern support please let me know.

stash evaluation?

The kittens found part of my stash that I use for baby blankets and had a ripping good time with it!  Now is a great time for you to go through your stash.  Stephanie Pearl-McPhee bags up her stash by project with intended pattern and when one thing is done just reaches into her closet for the next project.  I have been trying to do this…it may take me the next sixty years, though.  Lisa is doing a happy dance right now…not only are her son and his fiance in from England but she is also done with the baby blanket she has been cranking out and it is spectacular.  Here are two views:

close-up view

I am thoroughly enjoying this Elizabeth lace from Myrna Stahman’s book…the lace section reminds me of a sweater my mother used to knit for me.  There is another pattern in the book that resembles candy canes and I think I may try that next in red cashmere.  Anyway, here is a photo of the cowl at the half-way point:

Elizabeth Lace cowl

I’m actually considering using the lace patterns in this book to create a sampler afghan in a lightweight yarn and then put a beautiful edge all around…because…why not?  Actually, I’ve been stalling so that Lisa and I can work on the Josephine shawl together…difficulty shared is difficulty diminished!  My husband was kind enough to wind up two ball of mink yarn for me and I am dreaming over them…maybe by Monday I will have something to share…Take care and enjoy your holiday weekend!xox m.e.