You may think this summer was too hot to knit ANYTHING…and you would be wrong.  There has been a steady stream of knitters sharing the projects they completed this summer and I am so impressed!  We also have a couple of projects that are ongoing, and two new sweater projects just getting rolling.  Here are a few photos sharing what we have been up to! 😉

Alpaca Silk Lavender Scarf designed by Alicia Hallinan

This is a scarf/brainchild of Alicia.  She cast on three stitches and did k1p1k1.  Then on every subsequent row she did yo on the rh needle and worked in the 1×1 rib as set until she increased to a total of 13 stitches (on a US17 needle).  Then, she worked in the 1×1 rib until the scarf was as long as she wanted and decreased down to one stitch.  She obviously tasseled both ends.  This project used two balls of Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk, a long-standing customer favorite at Summit Yarn and Meditation ( a lavender infused yarn from Skacel).  Just wearing this scarf is soothing and definately cheaper than a therapist!  Here is a close up photo of the colorway Alicia picked:

close up of Alicia's scarf

Yesterday, Suzy was next in the door with her beautiful Shokay sweater all finished and perfectly fitted to her.  She ordered 8 balls but only used 7 for her sweater, so now she is dreaming up a hat for this ultra-soft yarn!  Here is a photo:

Suzy: You are IN

Last night I finished one more cowl to add to my “gift-closet” for the holidays…this one uses all knits and purls and has chevron-styled evergreen trees.  Again, it was a quick knit and took less than 24 hours AND used only one skein of yarn.  This time I used Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply…a lofty superwash merino wool, and it is washed, blocked and drying at home right now.  Here is a photo of the finished project:

Completed Tree Cowl

What is with all the cowls?, you may ask.  My friend, Donna, did last night.  So, here is the 411.  These are one skein projects.  They are a short-term commitment to trying out a new stitch pattern.  They are pretty.  They are within my budget for gift-giving.  I enjoy wearing them.  They are faster to knit than socks.  I get ideas for other projects by doing these smaller projects.  For instance, my son liked the trees, and while he doesn’t want to wear a lacey cowl…he would like a hat with the trees for this winter.  I’m also thinking this tree motif would be great on the back of fingerless mitts, perhaps with a few gold beads as decoration.  I did manage to successfully upload to Ravelry the Candy Cane cowl pattern today as a free download.  The pattern can also be found in yesterday’s blog as a free download.  Have fun with this idea.  What can you come up with?

There is more but I am out of time this morning. So take care, feel that Autumn crisp air and come for a visit!xox m.e.  😀