Yesterday, after some technostruggle, I was able to upload and link this new pattern to Ravelry.  Did you know there are over 10,000 free patterns on Ravelry?  For those of you who have not yet created this free account…PLEASE run, don’t walk, and sign in to this web community.  You can be a present voice or lurk in the background.  You can organize all your stash and fiberarts tools online…or not.  The pattern library and the sheer volume of creativity is enormous to say the least.  Do not be shy about this…really, go sign in…you will thank me.  You can check out yarns…to see what is new…or find one more ball of some yarn you ran out of…I could go on about this site all day.  It is also a great way to find other interesting blogs and new designers with innovative ideas.  The possibilities are endless.

Spencer Matthew Tizzoni on a walk with his Grandmother Lisa

This photograph arrived on my cell phone this morning and it made me SMILE.  Can you close your eyes and feel the stillness in this moment?  Do you remember similar moments with your own children?  I love the feeling of holding a baby’s hand and how their fingers naturally grab around one of my fingers.  My son and I had lots of those moments and I miss them very much now. 

Annual Hundertwasser Opal Artsock Collection Arrived!

This year’s collection from the German artist, Hundertwasser, arrived this week and it is amazing!  Every colorway has a premade sock so you can see how the yarn will work up and choose your favorite.  We carried this collection last year and sold out.  There is a poster by the front door which shows you the paintings which inspired the colorway of the sock yarn.  Here are two pics that I liked best…especially because of how he themed the public awareness of this collection.

Hundertwasser: SAVE THE SEAS


We stayed up late watching Nadal play tennis…win tennis.  I am a self-confessed fan of this hunky Spaniard…yeah, I love his tennis game…that’s it.  Sure.  It was an amazing match, and he absolutely dominated…even with the wind as bad as it was…just amazing.  Most of all, I admire his absolute focus and intensity of movement.  We also had a Fall Ball game last night with our son and his team.  And again, it was COLD.  Time to get out the fingerless mitts so I can knit during the games, the neck warmers, the heavy sweater and pack the crocheted blanky I made this past summer just for this precise purpose.  Once the sun starts going down, the temps really drop…especially, for those of us who are seated spectators.  Oh, did I mention socks?  I forgot to wear them…of course.  Here is a new fashion footwear statement I noticed while traveling this summer…socks and crocs…hmm…

crocs and socks

Have you ever seen so much Goldenrod as this year?

While the bees are loving the goldenrod, I am not.  It is beautiful and bright yellow and I will be glad when the frost kills it.  The leaves are just turning locally and it looks like there will be lots of red this year.  The mornings are cool and I am really enjoying this slow change-over from one season to the next.  I have a shrug that I am working on in Elaine from Schaeffer Yarns and it is nice to work on now; it keeps me warm as the bulk of it sits in my lap.  What are your favorite Fall colors?  What is the first thing you are going to pull out of your knitting bag or crochet projects for these cool evenings?  We will be having class tonight and on Friday nights throughout this winter, so be sure to drop in!  Take care and be sure to come to the Fiber Festival at the Harford Fair grounds this weekend…this is a MUST SEE!  xox m.e.