Horse Stalls at the Harford Fairgrounds

Although I was unable to go back to the Fiber Festival yesterday ( I was here at Summit Yarn–and good thing, it was a busy afternoon ), several of the locals went back and then came to visit me…looking soggy but very pleased with themselves.  Make sure when you drive up to this area of the country to bring a camera with you.  It is full of scenery, old barns, sweeping meadows and endless mountains.  Our day to day lives are so FULL that it feels good to be immersed in the sense of openness this scenery always provides.  There were soaring birds, napping cows, and lazy gate minders soaking in all the fresh air and sunshine.


 Our home is full of wonderful pets whom I adore.  This morning I came downstairs to find Daisy, the schnoodle, sitting in a chair at the head of the dining room table.  As she looked at me, knowing full well she did not belong there, she set her chin on the table.  I just could not get the camera phone up fast enough.  It was too cute.  And…the lovebirds are at “it” again, so stay tuned.  So far, Helen has laid two eggs and is actually sitting on the second one.  One year she laid nearly twenty eggs, poor thing.  My son remarked, “Gosh Mom, aren’t those eggs big to be coming out of her?”  Observant child, isn’t he?

I began reading “Sex Lives of Cannibals” last night; a travelogue.  The tone of voice this is written in reminds me of the beginning of Melville’s “Moby Dick”…you know, Ishmael goes to the docks and wants to knock hats off the heads of random people, so he goes to sea to get away from it all.  While going to sea and hunting whales would never be my idea of getting away from it all, I do relate to the sentiment; enough so, that “Moby Dick” is actually my all time favorite book.  Who wouldn’t be glad to go home after that complete misadventure…really?  Yet, it seems important to rediscover this fact by “taking the journey”, as my Tai Chi Teacher often said. 

Another way I get away from it all, is though my knitting and crochet work.  Sometimes I just like mindless work, like endless rows of seed stitch.  Other times, I like mind-numbing patterns that require all my focus right up to bed-time.  Either way, it is a way to “lose” myself and get away from the day to day grind.  These activites keep me fresh.  Right now, I am finishing just one more cowl…this time lace evergreen tress with a simple edge.  I am completing the final edging.  Next, I feel a few pairs of mitts are in order…the first pair I am going to knit will be out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk…I can’t imagine anything softer on my hands.

How do you “get away from it all”?  Write in and share, I love to hear your thoughts.  Take care and BREATHE.  xox m.e.