I was trying to snap a shot of Helen all hunkered down on the eggs, but apparently mine was an offensive presence.  For posterity, though, here is a photo of the three eggs so far this laying season.  Helen really is trying to sit on the eggs this time.  I wish her well in her quest for progeny; though I wonder how misguided that may be for her future well-being.  As far as my progeny, Brian, and myself we tried something new today.  He went for a walk as a break from studying and back to the studio.  Twenty minutes into this experiment I was ready to hyperventilate so I called Brian…blessings to the inventors of the cell phone.  He was just back and had done everything I asked.  HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL/PURL!!!!! 

It was a busy Fall day here at Summit Yarn.  New shawl pins are due to arrive any day now, as is an order of Colinette yarn in new never before ordered colors.  More square dpns are on order for those of you who are fans and the Opal Sock yarn is obviously a customer favorite!  Yay!  Rose stopped by, and is making great progress on her Aran afghan.  Suzy and I began a journey together through a top down fairisle yoke sweater…so far so good.  The other new customer favorite is the pattern I wrote for the Byzanz yarn, which is knit in under 2 hours on US 19 needles.  If you want a loose cowl then cast on 50 sts, and if you want a snug neck warmer then cast on only 30 sts…and presto!,  instant gift.

Now that Brian is being home schooled, I am often here at the studio later than planned…so if you need to come in, just give a call and I can usually meet your needs.  (570)586-6985.

JOKE:  Two cannibals were eating a clown.  One cannibal, after picking his teeth, asked the other cannibal: “Hey, does this taste funny to you?” 

What can I say?  Take care and remember to floss. xox m.e.  :-p