Rectangular Peas Please Shawl

This is a pattern I have been playing with and mashing into different patterns since I fell in love with it this past Spring.  It is an orenburg lace stitch called:  PEAS.  I have used it in a triangle shawl, a rectangle shawl, socks, baby sweaters, a vest pattern, and scarves…I also think it would make a great baby blanket!  At Suzy’s request, I spent this afternoon typing up a collection of these items and published them on Ravelry.  Before I had even fully finished uploading the pattern to my pattern store, this had already been favorited twice.  ( I am still a technospaz, and it takes a bit of time to find and click on all the right boxes to enable a pattern.)…wipes sweat from brow.  That, folks, is all for today.  Go have a looksee and let me know what you think!  Take care and more tomorrow!  xox m.e.

Peas Please Triangle Shawl...just a four row repeat!

Peas Please Sock

Peas Please Baby Sweater

Peas Please Vest