Last night, after work, I came home to a new issue of Spin Off magazine.  I have been reading this since college and if you love fiber arts, I encourage you to take a look at this magazine.  Not only does it cover new ideas in spinning with great clarity, but it always has an interesting pattern or two…and this issue featured both knit and crochet patterns.  There were three patterns that I particularly liked this issue:  a hat, a pair of mitts and a shawl (that I just happen to have the perfect yarn for…no surprise there).  The thing I like about this shawl is that once it is finished it blocks out to a full circle that measures 36″ across AND stays on your shoulders nicely.

Spin Off Friend's Shawl

Friday night class was great fun with Debbie and Barb last night.  Barb has completed a second afghan using the Victorian Stitch smapler pattern I designed two years ago.  There are about thirty different stitches used in this afghan, all of them having historical significance in the mid- to late 1800s.  This began as a block of the month club, but one block a month was not enough to keep my knitters busy, so this afghan evolved.

Barb has completed this afghan twice now!

Here is a close up view of just part of the afghan:

close-up view of Victorian Afghan

Suzy came by this morning and we had a great visit.  Her sweater is coming along nicely and it is interesting to compare the two knits side by side.  Her worsted wool is very traditional for this project, while mine is reminiscent of the fuzziness of Lopi but with a softness that defies all words (which of course Lopi never possessed).  The colors I chose are all jewel tones and melt into one-another.  Suzy has defied my uptight matchy-matchy ethic and is doing brilliant colors that work while being “off” in the best sense of the word…in a way that the judges of Project Runway would completely approve!  Here, see for yourself:

Suzy modeling her yoke!

The name of this pattern is Icelandic Star and is in the winter 2009 issue of Interweave knits.  It is however, knit in that issue as a cardigan from the bottom up.  We are going about things a little differently, as you can plainly see!

Debbie is nearing completion with her Lasagna Noodle scarf and we are getting ready to knit a seed stitch sweater together…probably starting next Friday night.  This sweater, too, has a yoke top and is a cardigan.  The yoke is offset with garter ridges and Lourdes has a definite head-start on us…but needs to come in for a fitting.

Debbie and her Lasagna Noodle Scarf

Finally, for this week, here is the funniest thing.  I have been trying to photograph this all week and finally got the shot last night.  We have a CAT tree at home, that the three orange cats fight over…especially the top perch.  I think, Daisy our dog has some confusion over her species and very much wants to join in the fray.  Lately, she has been very proud of her newest accomplishment…I call it:


my Daisy

Take care and I will see you soon! xox mary ellen