Yesterday, after writing my blog and cleaning up all my email accounts, I was tooling around Ravelry.  I like to see all the new patterns that have been uploaded…whether they are free or not.  I check out the “popular” list and I go check out the stats at my online store.  Whipped, the Candy Cane Cowl, and the two one skein scarves are still the number one downloads every day.  While looking around I came across a mystery knit-a-long…not something I have ever tried out before.  I mean, what if I knit something I hate?  That would be such a major drag…and I do hate frogging projects with a passion.

This, however, is lace.  I thought:  well, I can look at the charting and see what I think.  Hard not to love this designer’s work.  She is awesome…lace comes off her needles like petals off a flowering tree in Spring.  I looked at her other patterns, at the charts, and could not get to my needles and yarn quickly enough.  The nice thing about Ravelry is that nothing remains a “mystery” for very long.  There are already 200 projects posted, most of them with pictures.  And I love the concept:  posting one clue at a time until a certain number of people have completed that section, then posting the next clue.  That sounds like a Summit Yarn event in the making! 

KAL clue #1


The name of the knit-a-long (KAL) is: 22 LEAVES SHAWLETTE and the designer’s Ravelry ID is Lankakomero.  The pattern is free during the KAL, and then will be available for a fee in the designer’s online pattern store.  Since this is a shawl, gauge is fairly irrelevant and the project can be done in any weight yarn.  There are ladies from all over the globe participating in this KAL and it was fun to read about them on the KAL site at Ravelry this morning.  I encourage you to go check this out.

almost done with KAL clue #2

close-up of shawlette side panel

I also completed another pair of mitts, this time trying out an unusual yarn…called, Fauve by Louisa Harding, this is a sueded ribbon yarn that does not split and makes a nice stretchy fabric.  I used size US7 dpns and a cast on of 36 sts (12sts on each of three ndls).  I did 25 rounds of 1×1 rib, then 5 rounds knit, then a thumb gusset increasing to a total of 12 thumb sts, then the thumb in the round (2 rnds knit, 4 rnds 1×1 rib and bo in rib), then 10 rounds on the hand picking up two sts from the base of the thumb and finally, five rounds of 1×1 (k1p1) rib and bind off in 1×1 rib with a stretchy bind-off.  It took two balls…I was trying to see if I could get this done with one ball (127 yards) but no go.  So, this is a $20 project.  I would make the cuffs longer and add some rows to the hand section since it takes two balls (of yarn).  The mitts are great and they are not slippery on the wheel of the car when I am driving…always a concern.  Here is a photo:

Nikkers gives the mitt a "once over"

The daily lovebird update:  we are up to five maybe six eggs…Helen is trying to sit on all of them but they are popping out from under her.  My husband just shakes his head at this…but what to do?  Take care and get2ntn!xox m.e.