Clue number five was released today for the mystery knit-a-long.  Clue number four is slow-going, however.  I am about half-way through that and loving every minute of this venture.  Row 67 was tricky for me…I think I was too tired last night.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one for whom it took more than one read to “get the hang of” that row.  Misery shared is misery halved, or so I would have you believe.

Suzy is getting along nicely with her fairisle sweater…she is up to (an by now probably beyond) the final increase.  I am starting to like her colors better than mine…so I will probably have to do this more than once…I would enjoy knitting this in more than one type of fiber.  Hmm…just considering all the possibilities!  Jean was here this morning as well; she is knitting a sweet heart pillow for her daughter with leftover bamboo yarn.  She has a photo of the sweater we finished with the flower on the sleeve but hasn’t MMS’d it to me yet.  Maybe once she reads this blog she will…then I can share the cute photo with all of you!

Martha is playing in the land of hats…Flicka was a no go for both of us, but she is still having a good time with the Angora yarn (on sale by the way…just saying).  Now she has four or five colors of this soft yarn with a light haze.  Fairisle designs are just beautiful in this yarn…check out the Flicka hat to see for yourself!  Kathy is hard at work on her baby sweaters…as well she should be.  These, like the fairisle sweaters Suzy and I are working on, are knit from the top down and since they are for 1 year-olds should go quickly.  Kathy is dividing the sweater into arm, front, and back sections and will be doing a raglan increase.

Brian and I are still (5:01pm) working our way through today’s homework…I think that upcoming full moon is throwing off our mojo.  One more subject to check and we are so done for the day!

Take care and get2ntn! xox m.e. and Summit Yarn thanks you!  😉