22 LEAVES KAL FINISHED through clue #4

It took me until 10:30 p.m. last evening, but I was able to complete clue #4 of the 22 LEAVES knit-a-long and get a decent photograph in our laundry room.  This is a great pattern…not a single mistake and a great knit.  One word of caution: if you do not like tinking, then do not work on this once you get tired.  Go read a book instead or get on Ravelry and look at what all the other knitters in this kal have done and shared.  Again, I remind you this pattern is free for the duration the the kal only, so if you like it, go get it now.  AND:  THANK YOU LANKAKOMERO FOR THIS AWESOME DESIGN!!!  I will knit this again and probably enlarge it because I like the look and texture of the eyelet section so very much.

Celes by Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

I was hunting around for my next adventure in lace and found the above pattern, among others.  This is available on Jared Flood’s site as well as at his Ravelry download store.  I love the trees in this lace pattern.  This shawl was inspired by his trip to the Shetland Islands…he writes with great inspiration about this trip in his blog.  There is also Josephine waiting to be finished and I think Lisa is just aobut ready to rejoin me on that journey…I hope so…it is a great knit.  Hey, that could be a TV show:  “GOOD KNITS!”.  A show  that could be historical, comedic and full of the details that would help you to truly identify what makes a good knit!  WAIT:  isn’t there a Food Network Show with the same idea?

A nod to Alton Brown in my son's recent homework...see #5

Why, yes, there is just such a show!  GOOD EATS with Alton Brown.  We so enjoy this show, we have renamed our twin kittens after it’s host.  They are now Alton and Brown.  Last summer, my son and I delved into French cuisine and into all things Julia Child.  It was an amazing adventure.  This past summer we started out with the Balthazar’s Cookbook, at Suzy’s recommendation, and loved it.  However, as we cooked and watched the Food Network, we became enamoured of its king of quipping culinary commentary and alliterative assessments, Mr. Alton Brown; known to his friends as A.B.  Last night we watched an episode where he made pretzels and explained their history.  My son leaned in and said:  Mom, we just have to make pretzels.  So you can guess what we will be doing this weekend.  During this episode,  Mr. Brown explained the concept of pH, and did such a perfect rendition of “The Blank Stare” that I feel it necessary to share with you:

Alton Brown imitates: "The Blank Stare"

I dedicated a whole blog to this phenomenon once.  Whenever I ask my son about something he should have done and has not, or vice versa, he does a compelling version of this face.  Whenever I get overzealous about a particular pattern or knitting technique,  the minute the words “no, really, it’s very simple” come out of my mouth, many knitters I know also get this look.  Whenever my husband starts talking compustuff, I definitely get this look on my face.  So, above is the most perfect example I have ever witnessed to date.  Thank you Mr. Brown.

Nikkers Brown

Take care and carry on in your Fiber Fetishes!xox m.e. and Summit Yarn  😉