Brioche Stitch...right side of this fabric

We revisit my free download, Whipped, today.  This pattern is an elongated crescent-shaped scarf (shawl if you go big) with the lace knit on the side edges as you go, and the top edge of lace knit onto the remaining stitches last.  For most new knitters, this is a good beginning pattern because it is all knit stitch…no purls whatsoever.  However, I received an interesting question in my Ravelry mail folder today:  Can this be done as all PURLS?  THIS IS A GREAT QUESTION…especially because I did not know the answer for sure.

We do know Brioche Stitch is based in Garter Stitch.  Garter Stitch is EITHER knit every row OR purl every row; so in theory, Brioche Stitch should work all in purl.  I just was not sure how the purl bumps would work out.  I wrote the asker back and said:  please give me time to swatch.  And that is exactly what I did, the minute I got into the studio today.  Here are the results of my quest.

SHORT VERSION OF THE ANSWER:  YES, YOU CAN DO WHIPPED ALL IN PURL…JUST START BY PURLING THE 57 STITCHES YOU PICK UP ACROSS THE BEGINNING LACE EDGING INSTEAD OF KNITTING THEM. The only thing that really changes is where the right side of the fabric is formed.  Since the lace edging is reversible, this change is irrelevant.  I found as I did the swatch this morning that I needed to lay down two rows of purl before I could begin the brioche pattern…and everything worked perfectly.  WHAT WAS DIFFERENT?  While Row 1 of my swatch (after purling two rows) was the p1, p1below row, THE RIGHT SIDE  of this fabric forms on the opposite side of this row.  WHAT?  The next photos show what happens on the “purl across” row:

right side of fabric after purling across this row...note purl bumps right by the sts on the needle

In the photo above I have just purled across this row.  The next row will be p1, p1 in the stitch below.

p1, p1 in the stitch below looks like this as the work faces you

  After completing this row, the right side of the fabric looks just like the right side of the knit version:

right side of brioche fabric

To review:  a continental purl in progress looks like this…

continental stitch on RH ndl and old st still on LH ndl

To purl one in the stitch below you need to insert the RH ndl into the purl stitch below from behind your work, purl it, and drop the stitch directly above from the needle as you would in a regular purl:

insert needle into purl below from behind the fabric

completing the purl one below stitch

Now that this question is resolved I am back to work on my fair isle sweater and my peas please triangle shawl…Take care and have a great Sunday!  xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn  get2ntn ;-D