It is always a good feeling when a compliment arrives.  So, if you are a continental knitter, then yesterday’s blog is for you.  I was more than a little concerned that I got “tangled” up trying to explain how the brioche stitch worked all in purl, but Jody gave the blog a thumb’s up…thank you so very much (wipes sweat from brow, sighs audibly)!  However, the real thrust of this paragraph is something I noticed on Jody’s Ravelry page…her avatar is amazing, beautiful and I want to knit it!!!  Here is a photo:

I love the progression of color and the little concentrated “points” in each expanding circle.  It has something to do with physics and string theory and can be found in Wikipedia.  I looked at the math explanations of this and shrugged…no clue at all.  But there is this wordless part of me that thinks it knows exactly what to do.  More, I have lace weight yarn in every color gradation of the rainbow that has just been waiting for a project like this.  I can see there are some sleepless nights ahead of me.  THANK YOU JODY!

My Peas Please Triangular shawl is coming along nicely, although I cannot seem to kill off this ball of yarn.  I knit and knit and still there is more yarn left on this ball.  In the next photo you can see the ball of yarn sitting atop the shawl:

Peas Please Triangular Shawl

Here is a close up view:

close up of Peas Please and the never-ending ball of yarn

If you are interested in knitting this, the pattern for this and three variations (rectangular shawl, scarf and baby blanket) can be found in my Ravlery store ( here is a link below) for $6.  Or, the source I used to develop this pattern is Galina Khmeleva’s “The Gossamer Webs” available from Interweave Press for $13.  Pattern Link:

<a href=”″>buy now</a>

Here is one final mandala for today:

Have a beautiful day…you derserve it! xox Mary Ellen and Summit Yarn Studio