Here in NEPA we are very linked to the seasons and their corresponding holidays. Summer is time for grilling and hanging out at the state park. Autumn is back to school and time for soups and heavier foods. Winter for me is represented by the holidays at the end of the year and all their associated sweet treats. Spring, for me, is all about the budding flowers and shedding the weight of dark winter days.

Each of these seasons has it’s own traditional colors, which I used to just accept without too much thought. Spring was pastels and soft shades. Summer was beach brights and citrus colors. Autumn was reds, oranges, yellows and deep browns. Winter was black/grey/white, Aran cream, red and green, and maybe ice blue mixed with white-white. I love the traditions and memories each of these colorways invokes. There is meaning in each of these for me.

Yet, I am coming to the realization my heart has some color needs and nuances of it’s own…color moods, if you will, that are often superseding the colors already set by time and tradition. I have become fastidious about the color in my home, like a gourmand is fastidious about the types and freshness of the ingredients he uses to cook. It used to be if I wanted to repaint my room I would go buy new curtains or bedding and just find a color that matched. Not so much anymore; I really want to identify a color reflective of my soul and it’s changing harmonies. And this is not indecisiveness so much as a newfound willingness to pause and deeply reflect until an answer reveals itself to me. Hmm…

I also see evidence of this in my closer friends. Dona B. Has always had a passion for things purple. Lately, though this has shifted to blues and greens sprinkled with the sriracha of hot pink. Lisa has mentioned a similar surprise of consciousness. So, what to do?

Dona and I are exploring this new bent by knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman adult surprise jacket and just letting our moods take us on this journey…our moods and our extraordinary stashes of sock yarn. It is liberating and fun. You are more than invited to join us on this journey of inner color self-exploration. What color is the ocean whose tides embrace you today?

Go have a look at your stash and see where your eye lands most often. That, my friends, is probably your starting point. Where you go from there and how far is entirely up to you and you inspirations!
Xox m.e.