Yesterday, to help me get my head clear to write “Chasing Color”, I went outside and photographed the season from every angle I could find:  The sky, the ground, and even the spiders and their webs.  Here, for your enjoyment, are those photos:

Summit Yarn Welcomes You!

the first changes of Autumn


THANK GOODNESS spiders don't have antennae as well as their eight legs!

We have bunches of mittens and hats collected for our current charity knit…there is still time to help out if you would like to contribute a pair of mittens.  If you need a pattern, just ask Mary Ellen!  All the random baskets of designwork and patterns have been organized into a file cabinet so she actually knows where stuff is now! Woot!

mitten/hat/scarf collection for The Mitten Tree for this winter

Suzy and I both are feeling the colors of this current season:

Elsbeth Lavold's Angora 50% off...$4 a ball, down from $8!

Suzy went to her stash and THIS was where her eyes went!

Suzy's Jaunty Silk Ascot

22 Leaves Shawlette completed and on a hanger

What colors are you drawn to most right now?  What colors do you traditionally associate with this time of year?  Write back and let me hear from you…I love to hear about the space you create from.  It is YOUR artwork…be unafraid!  Take care and go dance in the leaves!xox mary ellen and Summit Yarn Studio  ;-D