the yoke sts are now split to form two sleeves and the body of the sweater

 Progress is being made by both Suzy and I on this beautiful sweater.  I’m hoping by the time we finish it might actually be cold enough to wear these sweaters.  Yesterday we did the calculations to decide how stitches should form each sleeve and how many stitches need to be in the body.  I have to decrease away the stitches I cast on to connect the front to the back because, though I am curvy it was too large with those extra stitches.  Suzy however, feels she would like some more positive ease in her sweater.  And this, the ability to try on a top-down sweater as you go is the biggest benefit to knitting in this manner.  Whenever you knit a garment, make sure to have someone help you with fittings throughout the process.  Here at Summit Yarn, fittings are always free for my customers.  I don’t just sell yarn…I want to make sure your project comes out beautifully as well.  Here is a photo of Suzy form yesterday:

While we drove to Philadelphia last Thursday I played with the “Cherry” scarf ideas by H. Isager posted on Ravelry.  I grabbed one 85 yard skein of Maggie’s Merino and scraps of rainbow colored Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride leftover from a crochet shawl.  Since I had to break the yarn so much, I did each side of the ascot keyhole in different colors and kept the main part in the grey merino.  This was just intended to be a sample for the studio, this scarf can be as long or short as you choose. 

Lourdes was nice enough to share some pictures of the kids in her classroom; she teaches them how to crochet when they have indoor recess on rainy, icky days.  Of course, at the end of the year the kids like to keep their crochet hooks, so there is always a need the following year.  Summit Yarn donated enough hooks to keep the kids going this year and Lourdes showed me how they are already being put to good use:

Lourdes also is the first to complete the Friday night KAL for this Fall:  a seed stitch yoke sweater with yoke and garter stitch details.  We had to change the decreases in the pattern so they could be hidden in the garter ridges.  Lourdes had to frog her sweater back through most of the yoke because she did not have time to come in for a fitting and she is TINY through the shoulders.  After resizing and reknitting, here is the finished product:

Lourdes' sweater completed in Maggie's Irish Tweed (50% off sale item by the way!)...the yarn that is, not the sweater...we found just the right buttons in our button basket for this sweater!