With the change in weather the knitters and crocheters are “in the mood”…blessings to you all.  LYS owners are probably the only people on the face of the earth who get on their knees every night and pray actively for bad weather.  Dreams of snow are…like…the best!  Anyway, Tracey is the first to stop by and let me know she has finished her estonian lace scarf “Lilac Leaves”.  It is currently home pinned, blocked and drying!  She used three skeins of Abstract Fibers sock yarn in Black Opal and this shawl is just beautiful.  Mine is close to done…I just can’t seem to cut through those last few row repeats.  Lourdes is not far behind me.  Jamie is still working on the Josephine shawl, and just started today the Shruggigan in Schaeffer’s Laurel heavyweight cotton hand-dyed yarn…this way she has one skull-numbing project and one project that allows her to simultaneously knit and visit.  Donna stopped by…she is still at work on her Elsbeth Lavold silky wool sweater and has ordered a pattern for her next sweater venture.  And…Lourdes was kind enough to forward a photo of her recent object of delight:

Lourdes in her perfectly fitted seed stitch sweater!

I tried on my yoke sweater today and lo and behold! it fits perfectly, with just the right amount of positive ease.  What a relief!  So now I am working through on ball to see how many inches of body per ball of yarn I get.  This is really an enjoyable knit.   I am also continuing to work on an Icelandic Lace shawl, a pair of rainbow socks and last night was playing with some orenburg lace stitch patterns.  I have an idea for a new lace shawl design…will let you know.

It has been suggested that we get together and form our own sock club.  There are at least seven people interested thus far.  How would we work it?, you ask.  So far, I see this as a fun get-together group.  We all have stash.  We all have patterns we have been longing to attempt.  Why don’t we plan a date…either a Friday night…or a Sunday…or some other time…or I can set up a page here on the blog…and make this take shape.  Shoot me a message and let me know if you are interested.  We could even just meet at the studio not during regular hours for fun?

Have bunches of pics for you…and go to blogspot and check out Franklin Habit’s blog.  Those of you who know me well will find a tee shirt…well, just go look.  ‘nuf said…Take care, go cuddle with your fiber of choice and know all is well with the Universe.  love, m.e. and Summit Yarn