Kathy was just sitting here and noticed she has about four or five knitting needles all the same US size in different lengths.  I do the same thing.  Kathy, like Suzy, likes bulky knitting, so they are both “tens” for the most part.  As Kathy says, “the bigger the better!”…we will just leave that there.  My favorite needle sizes tend to run smaller, like US 2 through US 8.  Of course, I have multiple wip’s and never enough needles.  So it goes.  

This project is from the latest book I purchased from Schoolhouse Press.  It is a book of Icelandic Lace with an English translation insert.  All the patterns are charted very nicely, although the symbols are different from the symbols to which I have become accustomed.  There is a very handy list in the translation of what each symbol means.   I saw this shawl on Ravelry and that was all it took.  I love this use of the double yarn-over to create a ladder-effect instead of just enormous holes.  I also love how these lace knitters transform these ladders into leaves and blossoms with just the right increases or decreases.  If you happen to be in Summit Yarn, let me know and I will show you this book of priceless heritage. 

Lace is one of my most favorite knits.   Studying the lace techniques of different places is a lot like being an archeologist.  Shetland lace takes much of its inspiration from nature (old shale, spiders, leaves).  Estonian lace has its nupps (buds) and unique increase/decrease stitches.  Icelandic lace has these double-yarn overs used for a colonnade effect.  Orenburg lace uses the architectures of garter stitch and yo/knit2together combinations for an intense three dimensional and simultaneous thermal effect.  I look forward to the next “find”.

These are some new shawl pins to arrive from a different company.  They are displayed on the “new stuff” table in a bowl of hand-dyed roving.  Each one is unique and they are all beautiful.

Bev's reversible baby blanky!

 Bev came by for a new project today.  She has been SO BUSY!  She completed the above baby blanket in a soft, washable and drapey cotton.  I have this pattern if you are interested, in the file cabinet.  She also completed another 1×1 rib hat and pair of newborn baby socks, both using original patterns from Summit Yarn.  I am hoping to type and upload the hat pattern soon as it has been very popular with our knitters.  Bev settled on the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in a 9-12 month size.  She has already started this morning in a beautiful superwash sock yarn on US 5 circular needles.  Will keep you updated!

baby 1x1 rib hat and newborn baby socks

I managed to snag a quick photo of Kathy’s whipped-in-progress.  I love these colors, Springlike though they are, they are like a bowl of delicious sherbet!

whipped in progess

Lastly, I wanted to include this photo of my black cat, Smidgen.  She and I have an ongoing war over my blanky.  She would tell you, it is her blanky.  She would be wrong.  I washed this the other day and hung it over the stir railing to dry.  As soon as it was dry, it was commandered by this lovable bit of fluff:

Smidgen thinks this blanket is hers!

Donna A. is on board with our sock club, as is Kathy.  Suzy reports in that she is making fast progress on her sweater…actually she wrote: “I am cooking on my sweater.  Just put it on waste yarn to see how it firs, and it is perfect.”  I got a little nervous when I saw the reference to cooking, still a little slow on the uptake.  Rose is almost done with the third panel of her afghan and has completed her first pair of mitts…only three more pair to go before Chrismas.  Jean is finishing a pair of toasty looking mitts and then we hope to work on her Steeler’s hat in intarsia next week.  The weather is wet, the skies are dark, it is chilly outside…time to cozy up with your favorite yarn and get2ntn!  Take care and I look forward to your next visit to Summit Yarn!xox m.e.  ;-D