This year we are home-schooling our son.  He is awesome and smart but a little short in the attention-span arena and on organizational skills.  So far, things are going well, with unexpected successes and expected struggles.  I love our time together and how we get to discuss more topics and do more together.  I am having trouble balancing this with needed “alone” time.  Thank goodness for the sticks and string! 

Bellflower Scarf -- new mystery KAL

This is the mystery knit-a-long so far.  I just uploaded the next clue and checked it six times for accuracy.  So, far this has been very well received.  Check out the clues in their respective blogs and let me know what you think.  It is not a demanding knit, and the scarf is very feminine.  Lisa is working on, among other things, a beautiful pair of socks.  I snuck a photo of the sock at knitting group:


Lisa is knitting this in Abstract Fiber’s Sweet Pea sock yarn and the pattern is called:  Eyes on You.  It is a nice stretchy rib that looks like something I would very much like to wear.  Suzy is really cooking on her sweater; by the latest report she is on the ribbing at the bottom edge.  She has probably moved on to the sleeves by now…leaving me wallowing in her dust.  I am half-way through the torso of my sweater.  Here is a photo of Suzy’s:

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater

And this next item, and items like it, is why I am behind Suzy…didn’t Donna knit the Romney Kerchief discussed on Jared Flood’s blog:  Brooklyn Tweed?  Didn’t I have a beautiful ball of handspun sitting there on my shelf beggin to be knit?  What could I do?  Resist temtation?  Here is my version of Romney Kerchief:

Romney Kerchief--a triangle scarf/shawl

What I liked best about this simple to knit triangle is the invisibility of the increases.  I am making mine by a backwards loop cast-on to the right hand needle.  The same could be accomplished by picking up the ladder between two stitches and knitting it so it gets twisted.  This way the increase is also invisible.  I also put two stitches in the middle for the “spine” of this scarf.  It is quick and does not require much focus…pretty much just the ticket for me right now.

a machine that dispenses beverages?

If the machine in the above photo dispenses margaritas, then I have figured out a new coping skill…and you will find me sipping and knitting on the floor at the foot of this man-made wonder.  One final photo for the day:

Kathy sent me this photo this morning of her sweet baby…who could resist those eyes?  What a beauty!  Take care and get2ntn!

xox m.e. and Summit Yarn Studio